#FinishYourNovel Handbook


What It Is

You may have noticed a bunch of threads titled “#FinishYourNovel” popping up every month.
#FinishYourNovel is a series of threads that help writers complete the first drafts of their new (or work-in-progress) novels. This thread is to serve as a handbook to those are participating in this program.

How it works

For every day of the month, you are required to write at least one word to stay in the safe-zone. Missing a day (any day) means you’re okay with receiving penalty; failing to meet requirements/not writing out your dues within the time frame allotted to you means you’re okay with being kicked out. (which, trust me, you will be.)

Thread Series

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Rules | They Exist For A Good Reason. Please Follow Them.

1. Don’t lie about your word count
Why would you lie? Just why? It isn’t benefiting you, or harming me in any way. If you didn’t write, just say so – it’ll save both of us some time.

2. Write every day
There’s no freaking way you can finish your novel writing only three times a week (unless you’re super human). Writing everyday is good practice! 1.5k a day; you can do it!

3. Don’t be rude/racist/a bully in any way
For obvious reasons, we don’t encourage bullying, racism, arguments, or anything offensive in general. We want this to be a safe space for writers, like yourself, to share and enjoy the writing experience.

4. Enjoy the book writing experience + Support each other
Please give back to the community. You can’t just get and not give back – that would be unfair.

5. Be very active
There’ve been way too many times inactive users have joined FYN and didn’t say a word since. Don’t do that user.

6. Go through everything before asking any questions
I will give you the link of where I answered that question before instead of personally answering. If you ask a question previously asked, also prepare for a snarky answer.

credit to @lostneverland4 for writing out some of the explanations.


Word Count

1. Submitting
A link will be sent to the Pledge. Everyday, using the same link, you are to fill it out the questions in the form the link leads you to.
They have timestamps on them. Anything after 12 AM (EDT) is unacceptable; you will face penalty for lateness.

2. Min + Max
There is no limit to the amount of words you can write. Go wild! All I ask is you at least write one word per day, though the recommendation is to hit at least 1.5k words everyday. The standard novel is about 50k, you would need to write exactly 1,612 words to finish your novel in a month. Keep this in mind when writing.

3. Tiers
The amount of words you’ve written within the approximate week will be posted weekly. This is so you know where you rank against other pledge-mates and so you can track your progress.
By the end of this, your word count will be both average and summed up.

4. Resources




Word counts are strictly due at 12 AM EDT.

Use this website to help you figure out when it’s due for you!

(You’re converting from New York to wherever you live)

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