#FinishYourNovel | July

Which do you like better?

General Fiction. Romance makes me sad…cause I’m single by choice

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Same lmaooo but I don’t write general fiction. I write thrillers/romance suspense so yaaa much suffernng all the time

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This person unfollowed me because we disagreed on something extremely small. Not even joking.


Sounds like a troll lol you’re better off without them in your following. But i know how annoying it can be

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:joy: why follow me if you can’t handle a little disagreement? I’m not going to always agree with everyone. It’s human nature. People are so weird now.

I think the funny thing was I knew they were going to do so when we disagreed. Nobody knows how to agree to disagree anymore.

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It’s annoying. Just respect others opinions, it’s not that difficult :joy: I had something like this happen recently accept it was sort of the other way around because the person would harrass me constantly with their beliefs and I’d always be respectful but disagree. But he just did not understand that not everyone has the same view point as them. After like the 20th time, I blocked them, lol, sometimes it’s best to get these people out of your life

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Discourse won’t block people because people are afraid of the block buttons. :joy: “oh no, someone blocked me! I must cry now!”

But honestly, I don’t think most people in this world understand not everyone thinks as they do. They’re so hellbent on being right that they refuse to see another point of view about it.

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Oml not the block button! *gasps*

It’s annoying. I get having a set point of view, but not even trying to see the other side is ridiculous. I know things can be tough, especially when it comes to moral arguments like opinion on the lgbt community, but the mindset of not respecting others even in insignificant arguments is exhausting on both sides

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The reality is there are some people I do not want to speak to or see, ever. They never respect my wishes to stop talking to me. They constantly disagree with me and treat me like trash for my views. Our arguments are pointless and no good, so yeah I’d love a block button for that reason. I don’t want this person to see me and start up pointless arguments because they have nothing better to do.

It happens all the time. It’s even funnier when people actually think that insults get them somewhere. Want me to see your side? Treat me like a damn human. That’s it. I’ve had some extremely civil arguments and they shock me. We both end up agreeing to disagree but we understood each other. we were more open to the other side because we didn’t treat each other like trash. When the insults come out, I stop listening and persuasion will not happen. There are some people who’ve done this to me so many times now that I refuse to listen to anything they say. It’s not that hard to be civil. It’s really not. You’re not face to face. You can erase your reply before you send it. You have control because this is the internet.

Now I’m getting preachy here haha. I’m sorry. I have a lot to say. :joy:

I don’t even care if they agree with me or not. I really don’t. But as long as they understand another view exists and is just as valid as theirs, we have no issues. Treat me like a human and we will get somewhere in life. It’s simple. :slight_smile:

That’s why I stay far far away from the controversial threads on here. Still, though, trouble seems to follow. It sucks that there’s no block button

I’ve never heard anything so true. Have you seen Instagram comments? People literally just show up to argue. Do they really think adding ‘fucking’ to their sentence and calling people gay is gonna convince them of their point of view?

I do this all the time, it’s fine :joy:

Couldn’t have said it better. Especially as someone who lives in an underdeveloped country. Very little do I find people who agree with me on things, and I respect that and their culture and I understand that they grew up differently than me with lots of pressure to be and think a certain way, but I wish they would respect me and my views instead of talking shit about me

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Couldn’t agree more. It’s a crazy world with how people just go around insulting other people with a different view than them.

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10kk??? How are you human?

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Especially when, in pretty much every case, it really doesn’t matter if you have the same opinions as they do or not! I understand people arguing over hot button topics like politics (though I usually just don’t discuss them with someone who doesn’t agree with me to avoid firestorms), but the number of times I’ve seen people violently arguing over whether a book or movie is good or not is nutso.

Also, wow, so many people wrote so much yesterday! Was it something in the air? :joy:

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I’ve been super busy last week and will be again this week so I’ve been writing a lot this weekend to make up for it. I was really behind on writing. :joy: I’m also not human.

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Like ahem, the Lion King. I want to see it. So what if I want to see the remake.

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I get that. I used to do that but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten 10k in a day :joy: new goal!!!

Me too, I’m crab

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