#FinishYourNovel | May


oh oops i got confused on the dates lol. put me at 120

also for this challenge, are we only focusing on one story only?

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That’s your choice (but I recommend one)

I had someone finish 3 books in one month before


okay well thanks!

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Anytime :sparkles:

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day three
word counts

top three:
@wildwolf708 6063
@TheMCOfficial - 6057
@iwannabglorious1- 4827

runner ups
@bidiyakdamian 2073
@LaniToaster - 1680
@StoryWritersNeverLie - 1488
@Amethyst_Rain - 665
@ZeeTheShitpostee 371

everyone else
@IftiYousuf -317
@Depressed_Smile_101 - 268
@Carol_Anne_with_an_e 213
@bartcn - 120
@Nonfictionism - 15

wall of shame


@Amethyst_Rain @_Stars-Aligned I need your day 3 word counts or your names go up on the wall

Is day 4 open?

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Yay. Lemme go write a ton

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You people have about about 3 hours left

Wait a second, is the deadline permanently changed to 11 PM or is that temporary?

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Permanently, why?

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Oh. I kept thinking it was 9 PM for a moment. :sweat_smile:

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Nope, you’ve got an extra 2 hour 30

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One hour to go !

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Welp, I’ve got it done. Wow, I’m a bit impressed of myself just because of the word count.

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Just saw. Nice :sparkles:

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you have to add yourself in alphabetical order, that’s why I missed you the other day

So sorry. I missed that. I’ll fix it.

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