First Chapter Critiques! (Open)



Title: Beauteous Death
Genre: Dark Romance
Which story you’ll be doing for payment: Enlighten Me


Title: Guilt Beyond Measure
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Story for Payment: I’ll read some of your haiku! I’ll do more than 4, too. Haiku are short and sweet. I love them!

Just a disclaimer:
GBM is rated mature for some of its content, and most of that is in the first chapter (and not in subsequent ones). If that’s something you don’t do, that’s totally fair! I’m not writing it as erotica, it just starts with a rather hectic, crazy scene that contains some adult content. In other words, it shouldn’t be provocative, but people are different!


payment complete (I read your poems rejections, liar, the mysteries of life, and wrath)

Good job on your poems by the way :smile:



I’ll be done with all your critiques soon hopefully! Just been very busy as of right now, but I should get to them no later than tomorrow!


No rush! And thanks! I’ve been reading your haiku’s btw and they’re wonderful!


Thank you so Much! I will go ahead and do yours!


Thanks so much! I am so excited to work with you.


Thank you very much! Take as much time as you need!


just to let you know i don’t think you’ve fully completed the payment. i ask for at least 4 poems to be read in exchange for a chapter.


Oh sorry my bad! I’ll get right on it!


Title: Southern Saturday Nights
Genre: Romance
Which story you’ll be doing for payment: Enlighten Me


wow your story was absolutely amazing to read!


I’ve completed payment as well (:


Could you critique my writing when you have time.

I’ll read your work right away!


sure just fill out the form


Title: Witch Queen
Genre: Fantasy
Payment: Jericho


Hey there! Would you mind looking at a new short story of mine? It’s only one chapter long.

Title: I Returned in the Night
Genre: Dark fantasy, short story
Which story you’ll be doing for payment: The Eleventh God


sure! oof you’re looking at one i just published i don’t know if it’s any good so be warned


I won’t be mean, I promise! I just saw you asking for critiques from other people and it looks up my alley.


yay thanks! i’m trying out new writing styles so i hope you like it.