First Chapter Critiques! (Open)



Title: The Transcendent Vindicator
Genre: Paranormal/Mystery
Story to read for payment: Jericho :grin:

Thank you for doing this, it is greatly appreciated! Also, if you find for any reason that Ch1 simply isn’t enough to draw the reader in, please don’t hesitate to let me know :smile:


got it!


Title: Phosphenes
Genre: Poetry
Payment: (I’ve read all your work from start to end because it’s really freakin awesome)


aww thank you! and accepted!


Title: All Roads Lead Home
Genre: Romance
Link: here
Which story you’ll be doing for payment: Jericho




:slight_smile: of course. and thank you!


Title: The Pineapple Fountain
Genre: New Adult (romance/adventure)
Payment: Wandering Stars




@kkjhunter8 @JordanJamesII

Just a reminder to complete payment before this thread closes. I’ll start on yours once you’ve completed it!



I’d love to read your work, Kingdom of Ice. It shares some themes with the novel I am writing. Thanks for the read-to-read offer!

Title: Norvika
Genre: Fantasy
Which story for payment: Kingdom if ice


sure! once you’re done I’ll begin!


btw i wrote kingdom of ice a loooong time ago so be warned it’s not the best :joy:


Ahkay, hehe, no worries - I will provide positive constructive feedback, and we all have to start somewhere. But otherwise no problem: if you rather want me to check one of your other stories, let me know!


nope it’s fine i just wanted to give you a heads up hahaha


If you are still taking requests, I would love to jump on board!!

Title: Siren
Genre: Romance
Payment: Jericho


great! i’ll get started soon!


Hi! I read the first part of Wandering Stars, and voted :smile:


Title: Dangerous Prey
Genre: Fantasy-Romance
Which story you’ll be doing for payment: your 600 words chapter 1! Can’t wait to get started on it once you accepted me. :slight_smile:


Title: The Dragon’s Valkyrie
Genre: Fantasy/Dark Fantasy
Link: The Dragon’s Valkyrie
Which story you’ll be doing for payment: Kingdom of Ice