First draft on an going story.

Hi everyone.
I have a first draft on an ongoing story which I am proud of since it is the first story I have ever shared with anyone.
I don’t mind helpful suggestions and a bit later on editing it more than I already am.
But it looks like a lot of people have lost interest in it.
How do I get readers interested again?

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I think I’ve looked at your book before because of another thread.

I guess it depends how you feel about losing your readership. If it’s something that’s really taking away your passion for the story or if it’s something you can deal with until it’s time to work on the second draft.

The big thing I notice is your punctuation issue.

You also write in different points of view in first person. You may be failing to capture your character’s unique voices and personalities. Writing through different eyes in first person can be pulled off, but a lot of times it will all just feel like one character and ruin a book for people (I have left many books because of this).

I noticed you have three pov’s In one chapter, which many advice against having two in one chapter.

This is likely what’s killing off your readership. I have a book that has three POV’s in first person and realize that I probably do lose readers because of it. Currently I’m working hard on improving my third person and will likely apply this to a complete rewrite of that book so that I can keep the multiple POV’s and have it feel more natural. Plus, it will help with my issue of over narration as well.


The way I look at it, if they really are your readers (believe me, you’ll know) generally they’ll stick with your book no matter what new thing you write or how many drafts.

Maybe if they really are your friends. Even then…

But a reader is the reader of the story rather than the writer.

If you look up the reason people enjoy reading fiction, you see all sorts of reasons. Some of them are.

  1. To escape.

We read to lose ourselves in another world. Issues in the writing can very easily pull us out of that world and back into our reality. Consistent issues will prevent us from being able to get lost at all in that other world.

  1. To gain a better understanding of other people and other places.

A failure to capture different voices or bring a scene to life will prevent this from happening.

  1. To be entertained.

If the writing is not clear enough or unrealistic, this can prevent us from being entertained, instead making us ask questions that the writing should answer.

If a person has certain reasons for reading a book and those reasons aren’t being met by a book, even if they enjoy the author and enjoy the idea of the story, they have a right to leave and should leave.

We generally have one shot to impress each new reader and to keep them. If we fail, such is life. We can’t make everyone happy. If we fail consistently, we know that we are not doing our job as a writer. It’s our job to create the world for them to get lost in or make the writing clean enough so all they are able to see is the story.

This is something we risk when we publish a first draft. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost, it just means that there needs to be more work put into the second draft once the time comes.

The great part about writing online is that things can always be changed.

As a reader, if I can’t get lost in the book, there is a good chance it will get deleted from my library. That’s just how it is. Nothing personal to the writer, but I have to judge the story based on what’s in front of me, not what there future plans are for it.

I only read books multiple times that are truly incredible as far as writing and storyline goes. I’m not going to read a book that’s full of mistakes and then read it again later on when a new draft is published. Once the experience is ruined for me, I don’t go back for more.

But there are always new readers. You may lose some with a messy first draft, but you’ll earn new ones with a clean second.


That is a really difficult situation that you’re in.

You need to find out why your readers are losing interest, first. You can maybe private message a few of your readers and ask them what they think about the story and how they feel, their honest thoughts and opinions. Once you have garnered enough feedback, go through your story and make edits. Search for the things they have pointed out and change it.

Another way is to engage your readers through the comments section. Talk to them about the book, like a regular conversation. This is a little like the first suggestion except this time, just talk to them casually. Just discuss about the characters but don’t seek out critique and maybe they’ll be interested in the book again.

There are a lot of things that one needs to do for a successful story, both story-wise and audience-wise. You have to make sure that your story is interesting enough that the readers will keep coming back for more and you have to engage your readers ans talk to them, to make sure that they understand that you appreciate them.

Hope this feedback is helpful!

I know that I need to polish my story but I was hoping to finish my book for the first draft then do edits.
I really struggle with 3rd person so I have no idea on how to change it?

Yeah I think I will but I have also been told that no one like my POV’S which is difficult because I struggle really hard with 3rd person which I would to do.
Any advice?

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Hmm, like 3rd person narration? So specifically, your readers don’t like it when it’s not ‘I…’, right?

Honestly, as long as you’re still uploading it’s hard to judge anything with readers and stats. Some read a few chapters and then they wait until you’ve finished it. Some lose interest, yeah, and there’s really nothing you can do there. Some will just lose interest because what you’re writing isn’t in their taste after all. Maybe the story took a turn they didn’t like. Maybe the characters said something the readers disagreed with so heavily they dropped the book.

You can go absolutely mental over trying to figure out why readers have dropped your book - or you can focus on writing and finishing your book.

@oliviarose85 is bringing up some really solid points too - so many I think you should hire a critic to look over these issues, she’s bringing up. You can find critics over here; #story-services and #story-services:critiques-and-feedback

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Yeah they don’t like different point’s of view but I personally find it interesting to get different characters perspective.

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Yeah know she is and I’m really considering trying to edit it to 3rd person instead but I have no idea how to start or anything because I have never done it before.

Well, you know… there’s one way to solve it. Is your focus writing for passion or getting a bigger audience or readers who will return to your books?

I love writing and have always wanted to write a book and know that I am I love it more than anything else.

Then definitely write it the way you want to :'D I say go for the different perspectives!

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Thank you, Hope at some point I will be able to write in 3rd person.

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Reading books written in third is the very first step. You get to learn a whole bunch by watching others do it.

Then comes the research. Just basic googling has helped me tonnes when I ventured into trying out third.

And last; you’re on your first draft. Some write awesome first drafts, but the vast majority don’t. My own first drafts are shit. They’re lacking all the flair that makes a book worth reading - like descriptions. So get your first draft done and then start to revise. Don’t stress yourself out on the first draft.

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Yeah that is a good idea, I think I have been reading ones that have been in third person but trying it is sooo different.

I’m going to concentrate on finishing my story first then do a re-do which I think is best.

Descriptions I think I’m ok on probably need more practice describing how the characters are feeling.

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Just focus on finishing and having fun. That’s the whole point of a first draft.

Write with your heart, edit with your brain :slight_smile:

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Wattpad with your wifi

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Thanks I will.

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