First draft on an going story.

Sorry what?

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(: Hello!

I struggled with third person for twenty years before managing to pull it off sucessfully in my current book.

The problems you are dealing with can wait for the second draft, but that means accepting that you’ll lose some readers until your book is more polished. But there will always be new readers.


If your readers are pointing out a specific issue, I would listen to them. They are able to see the story in a way you are incapable of. You look at the story with all this info and your intentions in your mind, whereas they see it for how it truly is on the page.

You cannot please every reader, but if enough of your readers are pointing out something not working, that’s something to listen to if you want to make your story into what your readers and your characters deserve.

But it is your story, first and foremost. You make the decisions for it and it’s okay for the writer to make an unpopular choice because it’s how they want to tell the story. But that means it’s also okay for readers to leave because of that unpopular choice or the execution of it.

My advice is to either start from scratch and rewrite in third (I can tell you from personal experience that switching narration of a story is a lot more work than an edit can handle) or finish your story and decide what you want to do with it once it’s done.


You make a good point, I’m really considering starting again from what I have already written, just turning it into third person.
I know it will be difficult but the end result will be worth it.

I have always had a problem with tenses when writing.
Any advice on that while I am re-writing it to third person?

It only started clicking for me this first year and just magically kind of worked. How or why this happened, I have no clue.

Practice is what it all boils down to on tense, unfortunately. I don’t ever recall having an issue with tense on third person, but recently I tried writing in first, and I found myself randomly slipping into present for no good reason.

I’d say just give it a thorough read over before you put it up if that sort of things bothers you.

As for how to keep reader interest, Oliviarose made some really good points. I’m honestly in the same boat. I lost almost all of them when my book took a weird turn. Couldn’t really say if it’s the turn that upset them, or the fact that I took a break for a while.

I try not to trouble myself too much with it on a first draft though. Even if I’m sticking it up here and no one else is reading that crap but me, I’d keep going because I find it distracting to go back and edit before I’m finished. It makes me second guess myself in weird ways.

It all depends on what kind of writer you are. If the reader count bothers you and you want to go back and try to fix it, go for it. If you’d rather just get all of it out on the page first, stick a piece of tape over your screen and move on with your day XD

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I’m to try and finish it and start re-writing it in third since I have a feeling it will take a while anyway.

Readers don’t bother me but I don’t mind the feedback but I haven’t had anyone comment on it for a while so I have no idea what they like or what they don’t.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that. A lot of readers are silent, even some who were making comments before. Of course you’ll get a few that will throw you a comment every chapter because they’re awesome, but that’s not the norm.

If feedback is what your after, book clubs and critiquing services are always out there.

Yeah I know I just don’t want to do book clubs anymore I’m just too busy to complete my assignment and then it isn’t fair for my partner but I have been looking at a critique.

Ah, yeah those book club schedules can be a pain. In that case, I hope you find a decent critique.

Thanks, me too at the moment I just need some feedback to work with.

Have you ever heard of two different forms of third person writing?

  1. third person-limited.
    2 Third person- omniscient.

I have been reading up on them and they both sound interesting and hard.

I know about them. I just sort of pretend the branch off doesn’t exist because it completely goes over my head no matter how many times it’s explained to me.

Which one is better to work with?

No effing clue. I know that one is better if you’re head hopping, but like I said, I don’t really understand them.

Ok, thank you Olivia.