First time author before submitting your MS to agents (First draft ONLY)


Ok if you have your first draft and you’re still adding more too it 1-2 times a day, does it matter on hours, or word count? I have things to do like studying and other things as well (Monday’s and Tuesday’s I see my therapist and getting my weekly meds) I try my HARDEST to write every day but if I can’t write like let’s say one day out of a week, will this kill my dreams of writing full time or what?



But your expectation that you’ll sell your first book – or, if you decide to self pub that you’ll make very much money – is likely not very realistic.


no no, just what I meant is if you have a series don’t you need to finish the series before you edit and then submit it then?


Not for traditional publishing. You need the first book, polished to perfection. You need, probably, outlines of the ones that follow.

That first book has to be FINISHED. Complete. No more changes. No fiddling. Perfect.


ok thanks, I just got scared because of ST’s weird terms, (I don’t believe him, but just something that scared the shit out of me.)


No. Don’t do that - it can be a complete waste of your time and energy. Write book 1, then have a synopsis for any subsequent books. If you are querying you need to sell book 1 first and the publisher will decide if they want to acquire more books in that series. Plus there might be editorial changes that will flow through a series. It’s better to write something different while you query a project.

Also don’t query an incomplete project! If you are still adding to a book 1-2 times a day then it’s not finished. You need a complete, polished manuscript to query. Polished does not mean (paid) edited but you do need to work with critique partners to ensure it’s as clean and tight as you can make it.


I don’t plan on going anywhere to be perfectly honest until this summer…(I’m pretty close to getting it done because the plot holes are getting close to becoming complete.)


Which is a polite way of saying that if the first book flops, they want to have the option of cancelling the series, or of publishing the rest of it as cheaply as possible. So the first book of a series needs to be able to stand on its own.


You can safely ignore anything he says. He’s a very bitter individual who, as far as I can tell, has no useful knowledge of the publishing business. I won’t pretend to understand why, but he ignored pretty much all the advice that he was offered in this forum, and proceeded to make just about every mistake it’s possible to make when writing and self-publishing a novel. I could almost forgive that if he wasn’t determined to blame the rest of the world for his failures. From the point of view of anyone else, the problem is that he speaks with a lot of confidence, which is easy to mistake for experience and wisdom. That’s why you see so many of the regulars arguing with him.