First word of every paragraph.

The game is simple. Choose a chapter of one of your books (or one of your favorite books if you are a reader) and, in order, put down the first word of every paragraph. Let’s see if any of us can get something that makes at least a little bit of sense.
I’ll start.

You but that’s the Satan rage she I Tzili eyes and for a with through he yes Satan soft Satan small a Satan the Naamah a because.


I have a lot of paragraphs… so let’s see. I will pick chapter 2 of my story “Seth the Killer”.

I what I did the do yeah I no yeah why if Isaac shut he I then I I Isaac when Isaac’s Isaac we as I hopefully I Isaac ever it when while you’ve I’ll when come I I once you I what I’ll I for but no I am without did I’m Isaac he Isaac I Isaac when I I


it sounds like a song

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I pick the first chapter of A Lion’s Way Home (Draft):

Leon Mom His Leon Soldiers Leon Why Just With Will We Okay His Mom Just Leon For Hush She The Leon Why Leon I Leon ‘They’ His Leon After Nobody’s Leon Crash The Heavy Mom Leon No Leon Don’t Thick The Cain The Please The Mister The T-take Let’s Leon More Shivering Don’t Leon Engines We’ll Dad’s It’s All The Transform You’ll Leon Guardian Um Maybe

Come on no whatever I mean she yeah I new honestly I she pay I of like I Twitter okay you I shut your Lindsay she her I she no please slowly she seriously yes I the now I I I Oh

okay like the first few words kind of makes sense. Just a little

lmao, so out of context

I have quite a few chapters but I’ll go with Chapter 5 of The Shadow Prince.

As stupid before I’ll how it’s hmm Annalise of in if where and he what it I’m since the Ander that’s and maybe you William fare for oh move strange I don’t Annalise well.

is this weird they

first four paragraphs :joy: I guess it makes sense at least.

I I I OH :joy:

This should be interesting :joy: I’ll use my story The Perks Of Being A Wallcrawler - Chapter Five: Consider The Coconut

Attending then stepping Peter the sorry Peter it amidst like at the this a OW the it a Peter Spidey Uh the Spider-Man the another what’s Plantman aww the don’t there I as Luke ah okay upon he UFO oh to suddenly have Peter Flash that we isn’t okay what Annabelle I’ve oh Peter it that.

(Favourite part? ‘To suddenly have Peter flash’ :joy:)

That’s Kiara Alright Kiara The The After She The Kiara Kiara But Kiara For The The Since Potatoes But Why Excuse She I Kiara … Suuuure I Okay After With Once Maybe She What So Um

Potatoes But Why

^ The only part of this whole think that makes any sort of sense. :laughing:

Hmm I randomly chose Chapter 3 of my story

I he I I Victor Victor I he and Victor Rafe I stop Rafe Rafe Victor I the Victor Rafe I Rafe wait done I Rafe I yeah I once I I Victor everything I give he huh Victor I Victor I

…Well that was lame.

It table I’ve I Malia I’m A Yes Would Everyone Have There’s Aiden’s Can I Haddock Hey I The The I We I I I I The Yes The The Let’s Lumen I Can I The Lumen See I Aiden I What He I My I The I His She Sofia He I He His I We I My Thank Goodnight He Will I’ve

Wow, I use I way too much. Time to try and change that hahaha :smiley:!

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I don’t have many stories to choose from, Call of the Water is the only novel I wrote, so I’ll use one of the chapters from that story. (Not the first one, cause it would sound just awful!)

Opal we Opal as the they wishing one I when it’s okay it soon while at we I just what she I elvish Opal.

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Part 3 of my short story:
I Peters I the does silence then wait I well I’m Peters tears enough around funny at quiet I Field the I you all Five no Field Field my bang the bang bang bang the two what IG stun are I um I oh sir Sixie what it Trevor Sixie a Five 3Bd5 the where Five’s let I what I’m all in come when you I the when D I’m are yeah Five’s I Tanya you are I’m hi I 9Fd4 I.
Oh boy…

I love all of these

This totally makes sense :rofl: (not)

Back take it’s quiet but better but no begrudgingly he meanwhile oh she can she I she Charity a Yvette there what there did I well yes Charity he’s a okay after all Yvette when thank is he it’s Yvette oh I Charity I’m I very I Charity

This Adam and ding bell foot steps no with there’s to hello I’m go don’t hope sign the then sunlight looking from Adam little he staring it’s he he Adam many only annoyed place many everyone his from Adam mad this.

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So quiet I it’s good he’s i i’m anger Oakley even my mom everyone the finally he i do right then dropping blood i even it the Erik every sometimes the i’m those that i’ve i’m i the Oakley’s so all the i who listen i these newsflash i like you i i’m fuck yeah a when you i do i’m Ashlin’s what Ryan i you he the i his he’s it after the heart he you wordlessly this i he the i but i i all a but that’s the i i i’m.

what a wild ride.

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