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Also, I didn’t have any specific character. I just kinda wanted a collage of the game, if you get what I mean? But the names of the characters are Sora, Riku, & Kairi and then Disney characters like Mickie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, etc.


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thanks for requesting
Alright. I’m excited to do this layout because I play some final fantasy games myself and I'm thinking of buying kingdom of hearts next.


Do it! You won’t regret it! And thank you!


Would you be able to get rid of the boxes entirely? I’m on my phone so I can’t see the desktop view yet😂 if not then it’s not a big deal, and I think it looks brilliant! (Those banners??? Cute as hell!!)


@coxkora Okay I finally got on my laptop, and I actually think it looks fine just like that!


I’ve edited the same comments with the code and picture links. You can replace the picture links with yours so that if in the future mine gets deleted, then your thread would still work.


How would you like your examples to be like? Single picture link, collage picture link, or horizontal scrolling with no link?


A collage picture link would be amazing! :slight_smile:


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your thread design is ready
Please go to Code Collection to check your thread design and get back to me on this thread if you have corrections. I'll give you the code once you confirm the design.

The thread is mobile responsive. You can edit the contents to your liking. If you want different images for the examples, let me know. Your username under payment will link to your wattpad profile. You can edit the queue to your liking. a problem might arise if you change it to numbers because it gets confused with markdown, so if you want numbers, let me know.

Hope you like it!


I love it! Should I PM you for the code?


It’s be updated in the Code Collection thread. There will be CODE written at the end of each image. Click on the triangle and you will get the code.


I love it so much, just as how I wanted it! I don’t have any corrections, it’s perfect. :slight_smile:


The Code Collection thread is now updated with the code. Click on ‘CODE’ to see it. I have also provided the image links, you can replace them with your own links. to be on a safer side in the future if mine don’t work

SONATA ソナタ Cover Shop | OPEN |

Do you want a dark theme or light theme?


Thank you so much! :heart:


Light, please


Got it! I went image searching today and got some cool ideas.


Awesome! Thank you again :black_heart:


Heya, would you be able to create a banner that says “Delivery” that matches the other ones? Take your time, it just completly blanked when I was requesting, sorry! :slight_smile:


Not a hassle. It’s fairly simple to make. I’ve added it to the rest of the code at code collection. And I’ve altered the other header codes to include black background matching to the delivery.