Flag to report someone in need


I have seen multiple posts and threads on the forums where I felt some people were in need of help or counseling or even where I feared they were in danger. Now as much as I want to help them, I feel like I am not equipped to do so and always fear I will make things worse. So I rarely reply.

The main site has a Report button where you can flag the user or post:

If you come across a user who you fear is in danger, either by threat of abuse, suicide, depression, cyberbullying, or self-harm, we ask that you please report it to us immediately. Reports can be made by clicking the REPORT button on the content post

Could we have a flag in the forums for the same things? So maybe ambassadors could link to appropriate resources and help the person? I feel like leaving it to the users is a disaster waiting to happen.


If you just flag the post, we’ll be alerted and will deal with it that way. We see all flags and will read the posts before taking actions


Aye, that’ll work. I’m also going to look into whether we can add to the “reasons” bit when people flag a topic as there are several reasons why people might flag something. Still working through that one on the back end


Yes I want to flag them, but right now the only options are Off-Topic, Inappropriate or Spam. I feel uncomfortable flagging someone with those when they are threatening self-harm or saying they are cyberbullied. It’s not off-topic, it’s not inappropriate and it’s not spam, and it shouldn’t be classified as such. And the ambs that see it might be confused as to why I flagged someone threatening suicide as such.

@TheOrangutan Yes, it’s mostly adding a reason that I’d like.


As there is no option for it at the moment, though as Gav said, he’ll look into adding it, flagging it under those three is the only way to get our attention, unless we are tagged. As for us Ambs, we understand there is no option at the moment and will deal with the content of the message rather than what the flag says.


Thank you! I will flag them in the future and will wait for the reason to be added :relieved: I feel like it would bring more people to flag those posts if the option is there, too.

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It may help people to feel more comfortable about flagging them certainly :slight_smile: For now, just choose one of the other options or tag us and it will be handle :slight_smile:

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This is a good idea


Also agree that this is a really good idea.

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As a follow up to my previous comment, we’re looking into it and are going to try and add some more 'reason’s why someone might flag others. Just talking to the tech folks about it to try and find out whether it’s possible / how difficult or easy it is.


Just as an added note, I don’t know if it would be easier or harder but maybe just adding a comment box where people could custom type their reason for their flag.


Yup, also under consideration, we’re still noodling through this one behind the scenes


Please do this, somebody. We need it


Gavin has replied about the same in post #12-

He has been talking to the technical team at Wattpad HQ and they are looking into it. Read post #10-

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I’ve read both of those, just voicing my approval


any new information about this topic?

It really would be great, when we would have more flag options.


We’ve contacted Discourse, waiting for a reply


Ok. Thanks

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I’ve just seen that this has been done and there’s now new options, thanks a lot @TheOrangutan :hugs:


As the issue has been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, can you please tag any mod to close this thread? Thanks :slight_smile:
Update: As you are in charge of this category @gabby ^^, can you please do the needful? Thanks :slight_smile: