Flags 🏳 and How to Use Them 🤓

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If you have any questions that you’d like to ask, and by any, I mean any, feel free to post in the Ask the Ambassadors Anything thread pinned at the top of the Cafe club, or ask any of the Community Ambassadors, a list of who you’ll find in the first comment of the Ask the Ambassadors Anything thread :hibiscus:

:white_flag: FLAGGING POSTS :white_flag:

Should you, however, come across something in the threads that you’d like to report, or if you find something inappropriate or find some spam, feel free to click on the “flag” button. You’ll find this option on every comment and every thread, and it’s shaped exactly like a flag.


Once something is flagged, the Community Ambassadors are alerted and the situation is looked at. If the comment or thread is deemed inappropriate, action will be taken.

:hearts: Sidebar: If you are a New User, please note that you cannot flag posts - there’s an easy solution, you’ve just got to raise your trust level. To do this, have a look at this thread :hearts:

Once you’ve clicked on the flag, you’ll get four options:


Off Topic/Spam - this suggests that the comment is not relevant to the thread it was made in, or the thread does not belong in the club it was posted in. It can also suggest that the comment or thread is being used for advertising in the incorrect place, not useful to the discussion, or purposely made to derail a thread.

Inappropriate - this suggests that the comment or thread may be considered offensive and contrary to one of the Club Guidelines, and/or Wattpad’s Code of Conduct.

Well-being or Behaviour - this suggests that the thread or comment contains language or phrases that could be triggering to the Community, or that the user may need some specialist help from the Wattpad Community Team.

Something Else - this flag allows you to write specifically what’s going on and send the flag in - NOTE: this option sends a Personal Message to all the Community Ambassadors, so don’t get a fright when you see a PM open up :star:

You can choose whichever option suits the flag best! :smile:

:white_flag: FLAGGING YOUR OWN THREAD :white_flag:

If you’d like a thread you’ve created closed, or looked at by one of the Community Ambassadors, feel free to flag it too, and one of us will be there to help you as soon as we can!

:star: If you prefer not to flag a post or thread, feel free to request help in the Ask the Ambassadors Anything thread. :star:

:exclamation: Flagging is the best way to report something, or get a mod’s attention, as the Community Ambassadors will be notified immediately and issues can be dealt with quickly.

Tagging us is super great too, but sometimes the mod who’s tagged may not be online for some time, and the flag won’t get dealt with in a timely manner, so flagging is the best way to go! :exclamation:

If you feel that an action taken against one of your comments or threads was unfair, unwarranted, or you need further explanation, feel free to speak to the mod who took the action, post in the Ask the Ambassadors Anything thread, or talk to @KatherineArlene about it :katherinearlene:

Feel free to ask any questions you may have! We will gladly help in any way we can! :xkaydotx:


Love the new option Kay :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.


Thank you for the new option!!!


I had no idea this thread existed, and I come here every day. Well then, good to know it’s there


Still wondering whether flags are anonymous. That’s not answered here it seems.


They’re anonymous in that general users can’t see who flagged what, but we community ambassadors can see who did.


You ambs must be so sick of seeing all my flags xP


Lol we call you Flaggy McFlagger (I kid I kid)


So does the user who got flagged get notifiied they were flagged, or who flagged them?


No they do not know who flagged them and we won’t divulge that information to anyone. As for if they’re aware they’ve been flagged in the first place, I’m unsure on that one.


Good to know.




Do the ambassadors actually read the contents that were flagged or do they automatically send out warnings? I’ve seen stuff that were flagged for no reason other than people disagreed with the other sides’ opinions.

Asking for a friend, lol


We read it. We don’t have automatic messages - we do them all manually.


Can you tell people to vote on your stories in R4R? I saw someone say that in their original post and I wasn’t sure if it was against the rules or not.

By R4R you mean Read for Read, right? I think read for read is fine, but it’s just vote for vote that is against the rules, if i remember correctly

The person wasn’t saying V4V. It was more like ‘vote on my stories so I can vote on yours’. Maybe that is V4V, I don’t know.

That sounds like V4V (vote for vote) and i think it’s against the rules, but Read for Read is okay and not against rules as far as i know.

It does, but I’ll wait for a mod tell if it is, so I don’t flag posts unnecessarily.

No, you cannot ask or mention votes in reading requests, since this can be seen as vote trading, which is against the rules.

You can flag the post, and we’ll handle it accordingly. If you’re ever worried about flagging and not sure if it should be flagged, just flag it. We have the ability to look over flags and decide whether or not action needs taken.

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