Flash Fiction and Poetry Request for Magazine on Wattpad

Edit on 12/11/2019 - Please note: We have enough poetry at the moment. We are still looking for flash, however! In particular, a piece dealing with love for our February Aspire.

Hi all! This is Yvonne Kindle from TeamOfDreams.

We are looking for flash fiction and poetry submissions for our profile’s Wattpad magazine. We would love to showcase the amazing works found on Wattpad. If you would be interested in sharing your work with us for possible publication, please link to your work in this thread. Your work should be an original piece published on Wattpad. From the submissions, we will request those that we think fit the magazine to be sent to our email.

The flash fiction we are looking for should be between 500 and 1000 words and the poetry less than 500. Both should be appropriate for all audiences and fit the overall feel of our magazine. Any genre that fits these criteria is fine! For your efforts, we’ll give you a shout out and a sticker for being a featured writer in our magazine.

If we like your piece, but don’t use it right away, we intend to publish each month, so we can put your writing/poetry in a subsequent month’s publishing. Currently, we are looking for February 2020 (love theme) and beyond for flash and March 2020 and beyond for poetry.

Please link directly to the piece that you would like to submit, not just to the anthology in which it is contained, for consideration.

Team of Dreams


As I am new I can’t do a full link but if you put this after the Wattpad link you ought to get my poem
It’s mainly free verse from my book Poetry.
Feel free to criticize me and if tell me where I should improve!



Here’s my link: https://my.w.tt/G467HJzG71

“Thoughts for the Sleep-Deprived” is my collection—but I only have two poems. I would like to submit both of them!

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We’ll take a look! Thank for submitting. I (Yvonne) might have time to do a little critique.

We’ll take a look! Thank you for submitting.

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Hello! I’ve written a series of Flash Fiction stories in this book. The stories, although separate, are interconnected. I would greatly appreciate if you could give a shout-out to my book if you like it.

The stories are all minute-long reads. It takes 10 minutes to read the whole book.


An enthusiastic fetus, a rebellious hound, an android child for sale, ‘rain’ that brings Happiness, a game that claims to be the key to world peace… the connection?

Cavemen. Perhaps, humans have never left their Cave. Perhaps, Humanity is doomed to witness the same woes, the same horrors, not in a world of stones and bone spears, but of androids and artificial rain.

Deeply metaphorical, this collection of satirical flash fiction and prose poetry explores the immutability of human nature. Through cross-section story pairs, it draws parallels between snapshots of the Past and Present (“Cavemen” section) and of the Future (“Androids” section).


Thank you, but we are looking for stand alone flash. We wish you the best in your endeavors, however!

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Sure, no worries! And thanks.

I just wrote one this morning! ~500 words, and I wrote it for the “Aim to Engage” Romance prompt. You could take a look if you’d like :slight_smile:


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Thank you for submitting. We’ll take a look!

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I have a poetry book about drinks here.

Here’s my poetry collection, Thorns.

Please pick out one, maybe two of the poems, and link directly to them to be considered, please.

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To be considered, please pick out one, maybe two of the poems, and link directly to them.

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I think I’lll go withthis one.

I have picked just a couple poetry pieces from my project!

The Shirt: https://my.w.tt/RJTIzjWc81
Out of Reach: https://my.w.tt/rECfnM4c81

Thank y’all for such an opportunity!

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Oh, sorry! I think I’ll go with these two then: Meet My New Friend and Screw Love.

Thank you! We’ll take a look.

Thank you! We’ll take a look and, if we like it, get back by private message in a day or two. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for sharing! We’ll contact you by private message if we think we can use either one.

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