Flexible Book Club (open)



I’d love to join! I can’t find the application information on your profile though. Am I just missing it?


@Richa_resa and @KibbersWrites The applications are found in the book on the profile. Here’s the link to the book:


You’ll have to read a few of the info chapters just so you know what you’re signing up for before you get the the application. But it’s in a chapter called ‘new applications’ so it should be easy enough to find once you’ve found the book :slight_smile:


Sorry, I really don’t know. We’re just regular users who run and participate in the club. You could try asking the ambassadors or someone who works for wattpad.


Hi can i join?


Hi, yes we still have 3 spots left for December. If you click the link I posted a few spots up then you’ll be able to get to the book which is where the sign up and rules chapters are :slight_smile:

Just Some Questions About Wattpad

I applied! Thank you for creating this thread :slight_smile:


We have 8 spots open for January for anyone interested :smiley: See the first post for the link to our book. We accept applications anytime as long as we have spots available.


Can i join?


Absolutely, all applications are submitted through the book on our profile, so if you have a read through the first few chapters (there’s a quiz to fill in in ‘how it works’ and applications are in the ‘new applications’ chapter). The link is in the first post :slightly_smiling_face:


We have quite a few spots open in February at the exchange. See the 1st post for a link and more info. Looking forward to seeing you there :smiley: