For people who has a character who breaks the fourth wall, what is the reason why they break it.

If you have a character who breaks the fourth wall from time to time, give the most reasonable answer on how you think they started doing it.

Example: For my character, Dropzone, he started breaking the fourth wall after he recovered in he hospital from a slash to the chest. It is possible it could be a side effect from the injury.

I have a character who breaks the fourth wall. She is an OC in an AU. It just kind of happened.

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I have a character who breaks the fourth wall but I did it on purpose because the actual book is set out as a transcript of a recording

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It’s a world where politicians have superpowers, don’t try to find logic!

But if I would have to give a logical explanation, Albert Einstein became aware of the “real world” when the superpowers started. His superpower (Yeah he isn’t a politician but it’s an intentional plothole because REASONS) is superintelligence, that, combined with his common intelligence, might have resulted in him becoming aware of the higher plane of existence. That also turned him insane. It’s weird that he losts his insanity, his fourth-wall breaking, his inmortality (Don’t ask) and his superintelligence when the superpowers dissapeared in 2024 though


I find this interesting

I have two characters, though haven’t been fully developed.

One, she discovered the real world, our world, because she is a doll. She would knew because she found out that they were created for being played, and she became aware that she was being played, having no freedom. Kind of like DBH, i guess.

The other, because he knew he was always being watched, or read in this scenario. He knew his purpose and he does it, in a fucked up way. I don’t know. Maybe he wants to reach out, but because he’s in a different world, he can’t. His nickname is The Cheater, because he can cheat things, including wall breaking. Maybe he just wants connections in other world.

Can I ask what the “fourth wall” means? I think I have heard it a while ago but I didn’t understand 100% what it is.

kinda had for me to explain. Just imagine the character talking to the audience they’re not supposed to talk to, or at least acknowledge them and the world we live in.

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Hmm, thanks for the info! I will research it more .

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Is that different then from a character in a fantasy story who says, “Magic? As if this is some kind of fantasy story!”

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Who needs a reason? I break the fourth wall because I can


I use it for horror purposes to send creepy jitters up the readers’ spines. My main character, Diamondback, begins breaking the fourth wall because he’s slowly losing his sanity. The whole story centers around him losing himself to the monster that he’s become and after a particularly traumatizing event, he starts seeking comfort in the readers. He becomes hyperaware of our presence, claiming that he’s seen us watching him since the first chapter. Overall, this guy just has HUGE breaks in his mental state.

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Can’t say why someone wants to talk directly to the reader in a book. (shrug.) Various reasons, I guess, It either works or it doesn’t.

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welp, my two villains do that a lot. mainly, the only character from another Undertale AU does this a lot by calling all the other characters “anomalies” and that is somewhat true as all the other characters are from alternate universes.

I’m sorry but what’s a fourth wall? What are the other walls?

All of my characters are aware they are in a story. Not all of them say so, though.

Fourth wall is when the character talks to you, or at least realize they’re in a fictional world. That is what I know anyway

Oh… ok that sounds pretty cool. So it would be like:

I liked Jack. Not in that way though. Sometimes it’s better to be friends, you know!

comedy story, advanced alien biomech overlord around 15,000 years old. he was brought into the comedy story in season 3 from another universe as part of an exile, and since his universe is a serious one and the comedy is a cartoon, he was aware that he crossed into a fictional reality and it allows him to be a belligerent jerk who knows more than everyone else. Fun fact he also has a crippling drug addiction and snorts radioactive fuel-resin to short out his brain enough to not be driven insane by the fact that he can see the story text. technically his partner Izzy also has that ability, but it scares her and she lives in denial by shutting off her perception filters and Greg cant do that because he’s an older model with bad software, so he just…does line of thorium and black out in the hot-tub instead.