For those with Depression or Anxiety

What songs make you feel the most “heard” or “understood” when you are trying to cope?

P.s. I made a playlist out of all of the songs on this list on Spotify. DM me if you want a link!


I’ll start: mine is Burden by Kyle Dybdal

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I really love listening to Wake up by EDEN

Surprisingly, mine is actually a pretty triggering song that I’m not sure if I should share, but somehow it helps me deal. No idea why.

Also, rock/alt/pop songs about being strong, capable, etc. etc. that have no relation to depression or anxiety, but they just kind of get me pumped up:

  • A Little Wicked - Valerie Broussard
  • Missile - Dorothy
  • Castle - Halsey

I’ve heard castle. It is beautiful

I tend to actually listen to a lot of sad songs when deep in depression, they actually make me feel a lot better. Probably just because I don’t feel as alone in it tbh

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I’ll give it a listen! I’m starting a playlist off of the responses to see what helps different people!

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that’s great… Send me the playlist, will you?

For sure! Do you have Spotify?

yes I do

If it might actually help, the song is Ghost by Badflower. But it’s not for everyone, so if it makes you feel lousy, just come have a chat with me. I’m usually pretty good at cheering people up! :blush:


For sure!!

I listened to Nirvana a lot during my depression, “Lithium” and “Something in the Way” for sad episodes and “Scentless Apprentice” for aggressive or non-feeling episodes.


Ah . . . depends on what sort of depression I’m stuck in. You know how sometimes, it’s the sort where you don’t feel anything, and other times it’s like everything is just too much? At least that’s how it gets for me . . . I’m either numb or I want to break something.

Anyway, here are a couple I can think of off the top of my head:

  • “Inner Demons” by Julia Brennan
  • “King” by Lauren Aquilina
  • “One More Light” by Linkin Park (also, there is a very nice cello instrumental of this one that I like)

I can get a list together and add more if I think of them.

(Edit: I should mention that these songs are a bit depressing in and of themselves, but I find them comforting at times . . .)

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  • By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North

  • By Your Side by Casting Crowns

  • Strong Enough by Mathew West

  • Hold My Heart by Tenth Avenue North

These are the songs that really spoke to me and made me feel calm. There are so many more but this is the top of my list.


Ahh, I just thought of another one. I was playing it earlier and realized I forgot to list it! But this is literally my number one most calming song at the moment. It has nothing to do with anxiety or depression and is just very nice (it’s a bit of a love song). I think the combination of the pace, melody, music and lyrics just make it perfect for relaxing.

  • “You” by Callum James

Perhaps it’s just personal preference, but this is one of those few slow/sad songs that actually doesn’t depress me at all. It’s just calming and comforting for me :relaxed:

Just saw this and actually I do the same ~

I used to just read through those depression forums of all the ways people felt awful and it was comforting? But since getting out of that specific depression phase, I’ve found that sad music helps keep me afloat, just a little above being deeply depressed. I think it’s healthier for me to listen to sad music (even if it’s depressing) than it is to read through those forums. I felt that those forums were dragging me down further even though they comforted me whereas music helps me stay where I am.

Oh my goodness, I have HUNDREDS to share with y’all, but I’ll only share a few:

I need something to kill me - Tyler Joseph
Time to Say Goodbye - Tyler Joseph
Message Man - Twenty One Pilots
Stressed Out (piano cover) - Twenty One Pilots
Leech Boy - Crywank
Floor 555 - XXXTentacion (RIP man, still can’t believe you’re dead)
Slipknot - XXXTentacion
Fall Away - Twenty One Pilots
Therapy Session - NF
How Could You Leave Us - NF
Beautiful - NF
Lovely - Twenty One Pilots
Goner - Twenty One Pilots
A Car, A Torch, A Death - Twenty One Pilots
Despicable (Acoustic Version) - Grandson
Kim - Eminem
Ross Cappichioni (holy crud spelled it right first time) - Joyner Lucas

I also love “Just be Held” by Casting Crowns when I find myself sinking into depression


Ahh, that’s a good one! All these Casting Crowns recs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love it! I didn’t really think of them when I was thinking up my list of songs, but another one of theirs that I think helps me is “Mercy”.