Foreign Concert



If you want to hear me sing in different languages, Then come to my Foreign Concert to see me sing along to classical opera and inspirational hymns In English, Japanese, Korean, French, Latin and more.


I’ll Invite:


Guest Host:


Hello, do I know you?




well hi nice to meet you


Nice to meet you too.




Welcome to the Foreign Concert @castlequeen2004!


You are welcome to be the guest host if you like.


Havingfun_ISKEY, Are you male or female?




Hello Felicia!


haru-chan i missed u :pleading_face::sob::sob::sneezing_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I missed you too~


yeah so…how’s life? who is the concert going?


Life is going well and this concert is going to be at Wattpad.


hehe i am sooo looking forward to your future imma hear bout u on interviews and stuff


Me too!


well i will be surely to be listening to your music and tell u bout e if i find em catchy i ain’t the type of person who beats around the bush, i get to the point and if i don’t like something, i don’t


Well, comment what you like or don’t like about my concert and if you don’t like my songs that’s fine it’s just your opinion.