Foreign literary agents and Harper Collins

I live in India.
My story is based around a haunted hospital in America and takes place there. There is one Indian character, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to get Indian agents interested.
What if, when I query, some agent from, say, America picks it up and wants to publish it? What if I DO get a deal, but from an American branch of a publisher? Will it be practical for me? Will I have to visit that country for the publishing/editing process?

See, my dream is to publish with the big five: Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Hachette, Bloomsbury, Simon and Schuster.

Can someone guide me and help me make my dream come true? I haven’t started querying yet; I’m doing the final editing right now.

You can query US agents (and target the book for a US release) even though you live in India. There will be a few issues regarding how you will be paid (foreign bank transfers and what not), but it’s done all the time.
And no, you won’t have to visit the country for any of the publishing/editing process - everything is done through emails.

Wow, thank you! I was so worried.

But is it possible for an Indian agent/publisher to pick up my story, especially since it’s happening in America?

What is better according to you: approaching Indian agebts or American? Which is more likely to give me success?

I have no insights into the “Indian publishing industry,” so I really can’t help you there.

I don’t know. Again, with no knowledge of the Indian side, I can’t say which has the greater advantage.

Hrm. Penguin Random House just opened up a publishing program in South East Asia, which unfortunately doesn’t cover India. Perhaps take a look to see if there are similar branches in India?

But based on your story’s setting, I think it’s best to go for an American agent because there is really nothing locally Indian about the story. The draw of a writer from India is the voice you can provide, and it’s difficult to see how that lends to your current story.


Where you live, where the story’s setting is, and the nationality of the characters won’t make a difference to an agent/publisher. The only issue you may have submitting to an American agent/publisher is that (I believe) you follow British spelling (e.g., favour vs favor) and word terminology (e.g., car’s boot vs trunk). But that’s trivial and should not make a difference.


This is really really good to know, if I ever want to move to South East Asia like I want to eventually.

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