Format for magazine articles/queries


The topic pretty much says it all. I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not there is a standard format for articles to be written in when they are for print magazines? Also, does a query for a magazine article differ from a query for a novel?



Absolutely!! Most publications have general information about what size and font they want characters, page breaks rules and paragraph spacing. Typically font is Times New Roman. But it really depends on who you with. Generally, the editors take care of all that drama, so if you just write your article in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and then submit it to the magazine company, you should be fine. Just read their submission requirements before you submit your piece.

And yes, generally speaking a query for an article will differ from a query for a novel.


I was wondering about this too. I plan on working on a 1,000 word article for a magazine as soon as Easter is over.


Cool! Hope it all goes smoothly! (It can be a brutal industry at times)


Thanks, that’s very helpful!


You’re welcome