Formatting/Typing On Wattpad Needs an Update



So Here’s my thing. I really hate typing/editing on wattpad.

  1. I hate being forced to type in double space, and especially dislike the auto space with each return/enter. There should be a single space/double space option so authors can choose if they want all that white space. And also it makes it less gappy when we put in intentional page breaks by, obviously, double spacing on our own.

  2. I should be able to highlight as long of a block of writing as I feel and edit (left align, bold, underline ect.) to my heart’s content. The moment I pass say an enter/return or other thing the edit pop menu refuses to pop up. This could be avoided if, like most word processors, there was a ribbon at the top thus eliminating the need for said pop up edit window in the first place.

  3. When I edit from my phone, which is still annoying but easier, when I go to read it like a reader later, there are all sorts of random things wrong that I can’t see when editing. Trying to edit it on my computer also doesn’t work because of the please do not edit on separate devices, so I have to refresh on laptop to see if anything weird happened when saved then go back to my phone and fix them and… Just too much trouble.

  4. Lastly If, say on facebook or instagram for example, I go in and edit something all the comments after what I edited are still there. My changing of one word does nothing to everything underneath it. On wattpad I notice if you edit a sentence all the comments on that paragraph go into some invisible cyberspace where neither you, or the commenter seem to be able to access it easily. There but not there. This is annoying because it just discourages people from editing when the comments are clearly there but for some reason infinitely harder to access because you fixed something. Especially if a helpful reader pointed it out and now you’re getting this weird message about not being able to access the comment on the exact sentence you switched.

All this to say, I’m here for all the updates and plans moving forward but when will the actual word processor get a facelift to make it easier for us to type online.


I’m still having trouble replying to comments via the iOS app. I get this:


I sent my issue to customer service but they said they couldn’t prioritize this. So… not… cool.


There is an option! If you use Shift+Enter, it gives you single line spacing instead of the standard double. I used to want that too, but I totally get the choice for the double spacing now! In the app, single spacing will be hard to read; it’s difficult to see where one paragraph ends and the next begins. It’s just something to consider with your story - I now prefer the double spacing, actually!

This is only the case with inline comments, I believe… But the comments are still visible at the bottom of the page! They’re just not inline anymore, because the paragraph changed.

Totally agree.


oh, i know this. The problem is if I go back into the notifications to respond and such it’s hard, and when you have well over 100 comments on a chapter weeding through them all at the bottom of the page to find the one is unnecessary.

this is what me, intentionally, on my own making a double space is for. To signify either a page break or a new paragraph has arrived. And, indents would be nice. There are a million and one ways to signify a new chapter has arrived. Like my numbered points above it’s all single spaced and I intentionally put in an extra space between numbers. I have no problems doing this in wattpad. It drives me nuts the spacing is so wide that when I double between chaps, because again no indents on wattpad, it’s like gaps for days lol.

Basically, I like the way things look here, in the forum way better spacing wise and It’s much easier on my eyes when the spacing is closer as I would expect in a real ebook or hardcopy. And… Totally unrelated, I hated double spacing for essays in school. I always typed in normal spacing highlighted the whole thing (which i can’t do on wattpad and edit at the same time) and double spaced all at once lol All the white space weirds me out and paragraphs were indented. Then it was to make it easier for the lecturer to grade and write comments still didn’t like it.


Man that sucks. If I have a problem I go online, if that doesn’t work back to my phone app. Too many tiny issues pop up when it comes to responding to comments. It’s like both the app and the web verision don’t respond to things the same and it does my head in. :frowning:


Yep it sucks. And they won’t do anything, which is even more annoying.


I’d just love to see a couple of font choices. It’s hard on my eyes to read large chunks of text in arial. I mean how hard would it be to add a couple of serif typefaces like times roman or book antigua?


all of this. Honestly a ribbon up the top with line spacing options, tab options, font options and left right centered and justified (i really prefer justified) options and a spell check button would solve everything. As long as wattpad has been in exsistence it baffels me that this hasn’t happened yet.