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Hi! I really want this to be a thread where we can all trade chapters and get feedback, advice, and more! Not really a critique thread as much as it is a group of friends coming together to hype up each others’ books




Hi! Hows it going




Hi welcome to the party!


Awesome, sounds good! I don’t have any published stories yet, just here to read others and make friends!


Hello! How is everyone doing?

Wrote almost 2,000 words which is a full chapter for me, so happy with myself today. It was exhausting, but fun. A little inspiration from it raining outside today for one particular scene since the dragon in it hates water. XD


Nice work! I haven’t written anything it quite a while, just been sifting through other peoples works in hope for inspiration to strike, it’s also really rainy here today as well which equals perfect writing weather :blush:


That’s so cool! Writing in the rain :heart:


That’s great!


I’m so happy for you! Mine are only about half as long.


Hello all!


Welcome :blush:


Thanks. My early chapters are between 500 and 1,000 words long for my current story. Later chapters are closer to the 2,000 word range.

My completed story chapters are between 2,000 and 3,000 words long, so definitely for readers who have more time on their hands to read.


Rainy, stormy weather is the best! Especially when you’re tucked up inside haha


What kind of story is it?


It’s a Fantasy Romance in a High Fantasy setting with dragon riders.


Like medieval fantasy?


Hi! I’m not new to Wattpad per say, but I am a new writer, at least I still consider myself one. I’ve started writing a few stories (mostly to write my ideas down) but I’m currently focused on my book Concealed. I’ve kinda ran into a dead end with ideas. If any of you has the time to read ten chapters - including the prologue - and offer any ideas, I’d really appreciate it.

Other than that, I look forward to reading your stories. I’m a big reader myself. So much that I get into trouble sometimes.

Oh. I’m rambling again. Sorry. My first time replying to anything.



My completed story is a bit more futuristic since it combines magic with technology later on in the story, but my ongoing one is purely Medieval or Victorian Fantasy. I just love those eras so much.

How about you? What genre do you write?