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I started writing a new story and its through the eyes of a dog and its one of the hardiest things ive ever wrote. It’ll get easier when she’s interacting with other animals, but wow I never realized how much i relied on dialogue


Oh wow cool I don’t think I’ll be able to write from the point of view of any animal :joy::joy:


That sounds really challenging, but fun, too!


Happy Sunday! Anyone doing anything fun? I’ve been cleaning all day!


I just got finished playing tennis! About to work on a new chapter for To Be Alive and possibly do an early update!


Nice. I’m making cookies now and working on a new chapter for Tabloid.


Morning Peeps! Is it Friday yet?


Not even close friend :disappointed_relieved:


Hey guys!

I just noticed this thread. I am currently working on my first story and have 29 chapters published. Tomorrow, chapter 30 will go up but sometimes I do miss the advice of people on my story.
I hope I can find it here.

How’s everyone doing?


That’s pretty exciting! This is definitely a nice writer community :slight_smile: Welcome!


Let me do some shameless self-promo too :))

So I wrote this story which is already completed for the Open Novella Contest II and I’m still waiting for the results! I would really appreciate if you guys can read it and give it some advice! Not that I can change the story or edit it since the story is already over but I can use these advice to improve on my other stories! Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, this thread is rather dead, is everyone doing fine?


Welcome! I agree, feedback is definitely vital for the writer. After beginning to publish my book on Wattpad and hearing the voices of readers, it has definitely opened my mind and helped me see things I would have never noticed before! Although I’m definitely no professional, I’d be happy to check out your story, I love sharing some advice :smiley: :wink:


I’ve always been interested in trying the Open Novella Contest but it still seems a bit too daunting :see_no_evil::joy: I do enjoy reading the entries, though. I’d love to read yours!


Sure go ahead! it’s much appreciated!

I do notice how my own writing has changed over the story. If I read my first few chapters now I’m cringing every moment haha. I’ve changed some small bits, but I know the first few chapters need some decent rewriting one day. But I’ll finish the story first.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)) The link is: :grin:


I think small milestones are so encouraging. I just looked at my story Tabloid and it has over 200 reads and close to 100 votes. It’s a cool feeling knowing people are reading your story.


Congrats! And I’ve been trying to check in but I’ve been working on a 15 page paper that im literally submitting right this second


Thank you :))


Have you tried grammerly? It does cost money though.


Eh I use Grammarly and it’s free! Only Grammarly Premium costs money :))