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Hey! :slight_smile:


That sounds awesome! I have to upload my last chapter today and I dont know if i can handle it




You had me at Melbourne.


I’m trying to figure out how soon is too soon to write a new story


There’s no too soon :joy:


Aww congratulations on finishing your story!


That’s what i was thinking


Ah thank you so much! It’s a bittersweet thing


I know the other post got flagged but I changed this to a sys thread so it should be ok now so if you want you can link your story and we can have a ‘book club’ and just hype each other up. It’s hard first starting out on wattpad so it might be easier with some friends to give you feedback etc etc


It does get me upset from time-to-time. But at the same time, I have to be thankful. I work overnights at a gas station and during my downtime, I pull out my phone and work on my latest stories. I only work on 1st drafts while I am at my job. Editing while at work is just way too hard.


Hmm, i think i like this idea of thread.


Ah I wish I could finish mine already haha


I’m glad you do! As a new author on wattpad I’m struggling to get feedback so I cant improve and i figured that other people who had the same issue could come together and work on improving together!


You’ll get there! It took me about a week to write this but I’ve also been working on one book for about 5 years too!


A week!? Ah I take a week to write a chapter lol but I don’t wanna take so long either


Seems like a great idea


@MissyFloral13 Hi there, thanks for starting this thread because it allowed me to check out your book! I love gritty stuff and it can be hard to find it on this site. I’ve given you a bit of advice too, hope it helps.


I’m curious, what do you mean by gritty?


In my mind, grittiness most strongly relates to the ‘toughness’ aspect of realism. So when something is dark and violent often in a realistic way, I’d call it gritty even if it’s fantasy. Sorry to ramble, but does that make sense?