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Yes, that makes perfect sense.


I’m literally squealing with excitement haha thank you so so much!!!


I keep my chapters around 1.5k words so I can push them out in about 2 hours and then some light editing so I usually update once or twice a day


Mines consist 1.3k words mostly. But I take time in thinking on what should I write. And in the middle I edit it a 20 Times at least lol


Hello! I’m a new writer on wattpad writing a teen fiction romance. It’s nice to meet everyone!


Nice to meet you too! Hope you’re experiences on the site are going well. Teen fiction is very popular here, I believe, so with luck you should find plenty of help and readers. :relaxed:


Nice to meet you too!


Thank you!


It’s nice to meet you as well! Thanks for starting this forum! :kissing_heart:


Of course!


How are you today?


I’m great how are you?


Wonderful. I’m feeling motivated too so I think I’ll start writing a new chapter tonight!


Good luck! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!




Oh man oh man I just posted the last chapter of my story Ferly and lemme tell you it was rough. I can’t believe it’s already over


Congrats! What a huge achievement! :blush:


I think I’m friendly.


Yes definitely grateful to have a job too!

Can I ask how you start with editing? I’ve got my first draft here in WP but I’m not sure if I should take it down to edit or start the whole thing again and keep the old one up. I know I need a major rewrite and massive changes - more than just rewriting chapters or bits and pieces! Any advice is most welcome! Thank you!



I’ve moved your thread to #story-services:writing-groups, since it would be better fit there. #share-your-story:story-requests is for requesting stories to read, not for chatter.

Thanks for understanding,

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