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If I wrote a book in present tense can I write the sequel in past tense


Thanks for the encouragement! And 41 chapters?? Congrats! And you had me at ‘coming of age.’ Melbourne is also a super funky city, love visiting the alley way shops when I’m there :smiley: Is the story on Wattpad?

I don’t really have anything solid that I’m writing at the moment, but I’ve been thinking of a story based around three characters, teenagers, who are all good friends and have quite different personalities. It’s a fantasy/magic based story, although I’m not set on that idea yet, and that’s basically it haha. Not as interesting and as well put together as yours, but that’s all I have at the moment!


Yeah 41, right? :exploding_head: It seems like an epic journey now!

Your story sounds great already so be fearless in your writing and go for it! :facepunch: Write what you want to read and once you start and you create your characters, you can work out their story and they’ll often tell you their own story too! I think when you write something you’d want to read, it’s a bit easier too!

TBH mine started as one idea like yours too and I had no clue where it was going - but eventually it just became it’s own thing. And once I’d started, my goal was to just finish it! So even though I know it’s not perfect, it’s done…and now I can make it the book I imagine it should be!!

Yes, it’s on Wattpad - not sure we can spruik here (:thinking:)! Is yours? :slight_smile:


Hi there!


Ooh just noticed you’re from Oz too! :slight_smile: Go us! :kangaroo:


What are you guys talking about? Let me in.


Is there any specific reason you want to do that?


Hi! I’m a new writer but have been a book reviewer and blogger for ages. I’d love to partner up with some people to trade reads and get feedback. Anyone interested you can direct message me.


Honestly I just noticed a lot of people weren’t into the present tense style and it leaves a lot of room for error






Yağmur ilham çeker.






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sounds interesting!


Thank you so much!

What are you guys doing?


We talk about our books, get advice and feedback, and just chat!


That’s cool.

I have published 4 books so far.

And I’m Working On Amelia and the Magic Lamp.

Any one Familiar with Aladdin?