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Yep, Aladdin and Jasmine are one of my favorite couples.


What do you think of Jafar as a Villain?


I think the shtick they were going for with him, clever creepy manipulator, was done well. I personally think Scar did it better, not so much in the tv series though, and Ursula was more unique, but he’s still very worthy of the title of Disney Villain.




Hey Erin!



Hello! Nice to meet you!


Howdy! Happy to have you!




Hi! Nice to meet you!


So what do you do here?


We chat, Give Advice and Feedback and Talk about our books.


Can I join?


Of course!


I couldnt have said it better myself!


Everyone’s always welcome!


I’m back. I’m ahead by one chapter but sadly I’m procrastinating today. How are you doing?


I’m great! I just finished the cover and chapter layout for the sequel to Ferly! Gotta say I’m procrastinating a bit today too haha


:neutral_face: how do you PM on here?! :woman_facepalming:


To send a message to someone go to their profile and then hit the send message button :slight_smile:


Does anyone know good free apps to make book covers, or do they all cost money? I used PicsArt for mine and it’s alright but I was wondering if there’s anything better