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I use canva


I use Canva when I’m on the go. Make sure you’re using images that you have the proper license for (free sites like Unsplash are great). If you’re on the computer, GIMP is a free alternative to Photoshop.


Cool, thanks!


I’d be interested in reading it if you pm’d me the link? It sounds pretty great! I love music as well so it’s my type of story :smiley:

Yeah so many people have told me to ‘just write’ and it’s great advice because I get so caught up on the planning that I completely forget to ‘just write’ so again thank you for the motivation!

And originally from NZ but I call Oz my home now :see_no_evil:


You seem like a nice bunch


Hi, you had me at friendly writers!




We try to be the friendliest!


Done! I msged you on WP! :+1::relieved:


It still amazes me that when doing edits the same chapter that brought tears to your eyes when you were writing it brings the tears again. . Just posted one of those chapters. Had to share. :):grinning:


Another great one is when you go back and read one of your older drafts and chuckle (or maybe cry a little) at how much the plot has changed since then!


Sorry for late reply. I feel you, I’m not keen on writing in present tense. Hate to say it, but I can’t see it being suitable changing tense with the next one.

My advice would be to change the first book to past. I know that’s easier said than done but in the long run you’d probably be glad you did it


@MissyFloral13 By the way, congratulations on finishing your book! Sorry if I don’t comment much when reading, I generally prefer to take in whole chapters before stopping :blush:


I would not take your story down.

One of the beautiful things about Wattpad is that you can edit your story at any time.

The first thing I would recommend you do is read your story out-loud to yourself. Next, look for places where you can add more details and put those details in. For example, if you describe a scene like this, “The night sky covered the earth,” try to add something like, “the night sky covered the earth the same way a four-inch thick quilt covered a small child.” Finally, look for inconsistencies. One of the biggest complaints about some of the old pulp fiction stories is that the hero will get hit over the head or beat up in one chapter and then in the next, they are perfectly fine.

I hope all of that helps


Very true


Thank you so much! And that’s absolutely fine! I’m the same way


Thanks! I’ll think about doing that. I might also keep the present tense because, if nothing else, I like it!


The first chapter for Ferly’s sequel is done and I gotta say, I’m excited! I really like getting to focus on my side characters more


How is everyone’s writing going?


I’ve been doing more editing on my finished WIP lately. However, I am trying to get a chapter a day in with my current WIP. Hope all is going well for everyone else.