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That’s great! Don’t overwork yourself though!


I’m still trying to come up with a plot or concept for the characters I’ve created :sweat_smile: I’m so invested in them but I have no storyline to work off yet!




sup my fellow friendly writers


Both are flowing really well right now. I’m sure I will hit that stopping point but I want to ride the wave while inspired :slight_smile:



I’ve been on Wattpad for over a year now and I’m muddling through a new project that is proving particular tough. I’m going for length on this one with chapters > 3000 words and I’m not sure how long the overall project is going to be, I’m shooting for more than 80k though.

Everything I’ve done prior to this has been a lot smaller and there’s just so much more to do in this one with plots and subplots and character arcs and everything. It’s a challenge but I’m loving it.


Hello everyone




That sounds really exciting!




Hey there!


How you doing?


It’s making me realize the value of planning for sure :stuck_out_tongue: having some notes with where things are going and how many little subplots there are is really helpful!

And I think I’ve finally found the style of planning that works for me. I find when I plan the whole thing at once I get bored and if i don’t plan at all then I get overwhelmed with where the story could go. So I’m planning this one in little chunks, I’ll plan a bit, write a bit, get stuck, plan a bit, write more. So far it’s working


I have composition notebooks everywhere. I try to outline some of the story but find that I end up deviating or changing things as I write. I keep a notebook in my purse for when plot ideas hit. I’ve even used the notebook app on my phone lol.


I’m good. Sadly I’m at work when I wish I could be doing a little writing. How bout you?


Same :joy::shushing_face:


Nice :slight_smile: that’s part of my issue with heavy planning too. I can never fully stick to it.


I used to plan a lot beforehand and the same would happen to me, but recently I just write with a basic and idea then go back and make edits if some things change. Set the stage, let the plot and characters progress in it more naturally, kind of thing. What’s important is getting the words to the page, I figure. And I think part of it is if I plan a story TOO much, it sort of spoils the adventure for myself, and causes me to lose interest in actually going through writing it lol


I totally get that :slight_smile: i really enjoy that sense of knowing where you’re trying to go but having no idea how you’re going to get there. I wrote my last completed story with a similar outlook and I’m really proud of the result


Some of my best ideas come from deviating from my initial plan.