Forum on how to gain more followers on Wattpad

I am curious is there a forum on the community that explains the best way to obtain followers?

I honestly wouldn’t worry too much about followers since people can unfollow you at any time they want to. Just focus on writing content and posting chapters. Be nice to people in general in the forums. :slight_smile:


I have to agree with @FantasybkLover xD It’s best not to worry about it so much. lol

However, if you would like to try and get more followers, you can…

  • Socializing more on here.

The majority of followers comes from socializing on here. People will generally follow you if they like what you said, if you were helpful, or something of that sort.

  • Gain friendships.

Another part of socializing is making friends, so the more friendships you make, the more followers you may receive.

  • Follow your favorite writers.

It’s best not to do follow for follows, but you can engage with others on their own works if you enjoy their stories. So for example, you can read and comment on their stories, you can add their story to your reading list and follow them. Making yourself known can help people see who you are and they may be interested in you.

  • Link your profile here.

The thing I hate the most about the Community is the fact that it’s not directly linked to Wattpad itself. So if you click on your profile, you go to your profile on the Community page. If you want to go to your profile on the main website, you have to go to the main website and look your name up which honestly, most people don’t want to do. So the best thing to do is to link your Wattpad profile here. The best way to do that (in a simple two clicks)?

Go to your profile here. Click on “Preferences.” You want to go to the area called “Profile” (under “Account” and above “Emails.”) You can add in stuff on your “About Me” (particularly links to your stories). And then scroll down to the box under “Web Site.” Put a link that goes to your Wattpad account there. Hit “save changes.”

This way if someone wants to see your profile, all they have to do is click on your profile picture (here in Community) and it comes up with a box of information on you (such as your badges and website). And then they can click your “website” link to go to your main account.

  • Use social media.

Another trick is to use social media (Twitter and Instagram for example), be social on there to gain a following, and reel people in so they can see your Wattpad profile. You can also link your Wattpad profile there, too.


I prefer being more active during the evening as it gives me a chance to catch up on notifs the next day without having to keep track of everyone lol. I easily get confused during the afternoon.

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Thanks for the advice. I’m slightly new to Wattpad. I noticed lately everyone has been all about the followers so I assumed I wasn’t proactively soliciting. I’m now understanding that this not like instagram or Facebook where people are measured by the amount of followers they have.

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No problem! And welcome to Wattpad! :blush: :partying_face:

Many newbies tend to want more followers, and that’s very understandable (because we low-key want them as well) but there are problems with following random people…

  1. There’s a limit.

For some odd reason, there’s a limit to users you can follow. While there is no limit to how many follow you, you can only follow 1,000 accounts. So, the more people you follow, the less amount of people you can actually use that following button for.

  1. Don’t follow random people.

The problem with following random people that you don’t even talk to or like just makes your following list all messy. Instead of doing this, you want to follow people you actually like. Whether this be friends you tend to talk to, people you read from, or something of that sort.

  1. The “announcement” feature.

Another reason why you should only follow people you like is because if someone makes an announcement on their profile (by clicking the “announcement” button), their message will be sent to all of their followers. While you can only send three announcement messages a day, they do add up with the amount of followers you have. The more people you follow, the more notifications on their messages will come to you. So it’s best to follow someone you’re okay with getting messages from.

  1. Follow for follows don’t work.

There are people out there who will follow you just to see if you can follow them. In some cases, people will stay followed to you, but in many cases, they’ll instantly unfollow you because all they wanted was for you to follow them (in other words, they’re looking for popularity). If you didn’t follow them, they may unfollow you because they were expecting you to follow them and realized that you didn’t…

In most cases, follow for follows don’t work. You may see a few people still doing them, but the majority of those people hardly ever talk to each other, so… nothing really comes out of those things.

  1. Popularity isn’t a thing here.

People don’t really go to your profile and look at you and say, “Ew. You have 20 followers? You must suck as a writer.” Or, “Dang, you have 3,000 followers? I need to follow you because you must be amazing!” A large majority of users here are in the same boat: we don’t have many followers, and just because you have followers doesn’t mean they’re readers.


Thanks for the welcome and also for the additional information! It certainly helps in gaining the right perspective regarding the Wattpad community and all things Wattpad!


Followers honestly come from writing and or engaging. Whether that is being an author, making great reading lists, graphic design/art, and even just being an active member of the community. While most people will gain followers from writing books–most who care about followers are the writers. But it is possible to gain followers from other things. In the end it doesnt matter, they will trickle in one by one and its the connections and content that we create that really matter :slight_smile:

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Unless you’re participating in the Fiction Awards :wink:

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Totally agree with @FantasybkLover especially about just being nice in general to everyone on the forums. So then when someone does decide to follow you, it feels more genuine, and I won’t hesitate to follow them back. :smiley:

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Plus, it’s really difficult to know who genuinely follows you because they want to and mean it, compared to those attention seeker follows from people who will unfollow you after realizing you aren’t going to follow back.

Reads and reading activity are the things to be more concerned about. If all your readers vanish, then there might be a problem.


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