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hi! i'm trying to go back to designing (i used to be active on the MDC back in 2014-2016) and i thought i should try and open a small thread for practice. i'll be taking 3-ish requests for banners (signature size, so that'll be 500x200px), so if you want one for your story send them in!


  • nothing too graphic, please.
  • fill out the form properly.
  • be patient.
  • i have the right to deny your request if i feel like i can’t make it.


click here!



reserved. now open!

banner request.

main text: Welcome to Dear Zayn

sub title:

models/images/ideas: Harry Styles with some letters in the background. Harry inspo 1 Harry inspo 2 Harry inspo 3

colors: Blue (or green) and white

anything else: By any chance could you do two other text on the same design? It would just be replacing ‘welcome to dear Zayn’ with ‘thank you for reading this chapter of dear Zayn’ and ‘thank you for reading dear Zayn’. Thank you for looking this over.

banner request.

main text: Her Antidote

sub title:

models/images/ideas: Amelia Zadro and Nicholas Hoult

colors: blue and or pink and black

anything else: for inspiration

hii so i’m not sure if i can make this one but i’m such a trash for 1d so i’ll give this a try. no promises though!

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okay, accepted! :slight_smile:

The boys are :ok_hand:t2:. If you want you can ditch the letter idea and add some roses or something in the background.

Wow, your banners are amazing!

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banner request.

main text: Blood Sugar

sub title: Okay, so I have two options for this. You can pick which one you’re most inspired by. Either it’s “Blood is sweeter than water.” or “It’s a love story for the new age
For the sixth page, we’re on a quick, sick rampage
Winin’ and dinin’, drinkin’ and drivin’, excessive buyin’
Overdose and dyin’ on our drugs and our love and our dreams and our rage
Blurrin’ the lines between real and the fake” which are lyrics from National Anthem by Lana Del Rey (you don’t have to use all of the lyrics if it doesn’t fit, so please use the last three lines if you have to chose).

models/images/ideas: Nicola Peltz, Charly Jordan, Havanna Winter and Mayane Mandelbaum

Here’s my Pinterest board for aesthetics if you want to get inspired :

Here’s the cover of the book if you want it to match : image

colors: Red, white, black, gold and pastel pink

anything else: I really hope you accept :wink:

banner request.

main text: Edward

sub title:

models/images/ideas: would like a london style background; have like telephone booths, envelopes/letters, roads, signs, anything to represent london. Then have Harry Styles on the banner, preferably the current version of him. Or the background could be a dark alleyway; have Harry Styles in the middle with a cigarette in his mouth. Then the title I’d like the letters spread out across the banner.

colors: dark/gloomy

anything else: thanks if you accept. You have full creative freedom. It’s a Harry Styles fanfic

i’m not sure if i can fit all four in the banner, would it be okay if i just have one or two? also, thank you!

i’ll take a shot at this, accepted :slight_smile:

love your banners x

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Oh yeah, no problem. Just Nicola Peltz would be fine then

thank you!<3

alright, i’ll give it a try. accepted :slight_smile:

thank you so much i’m so excited!

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Wow, these are awesome banners :smiley: I love your style!

hi guys! some things come up so i have to cancel all of your banners. so sorry! i really thought i could get back to graphics on this break haha. thanks so much for requesting and i’m sorry about this. hopefully i can really get back to making graphics one day x