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hello everyone! I’m Einjelz and I am here to offer you guys character art to kill some time :slight_smile: Since I relatively suck on traditional, I will only give you digital ones. I don’t have much decent examples but feel free to check out on my art book to see my (inconsistent) style ;3; Anyway, just fill out the form below and btw, this is just for practice and fun so there will be no payment needed (psst, a follow is very much appreciated wink wonk)

character name:
hair (color and style):
skin tone:
eyes (shape and color):
accesories (body tats, earrings etc.):

the more reference you send to me, the higher the chance of your request being accepted will be ~♡


HI would you be willing to do two characters?


character name: Zaylyn
age: 29
gender: Male
hair (color and style): Blue like his eyes and same hairstyle as the picture
eyes (shape and color): Same as the picture (color and shape wise)
clothes: I will add the picture for he shirt
accesories (body tats, earrings etc.): His skin has a shimmer to it. Just basically the drawing of him with the same color blue hair as his eyes xD

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Do you have any examples?


Name: Erin

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hair: Black and up to her shoulders, slightly wavy

Eyes: Black and normal eyes (? Lol idk regular people eyes kind of almond i guess?)

Clothes: Light blue dress to her knee

Accesories: Blue Eye mask (can be holding) (not necessary but wld be cool)


Thx for considering! >_<


character name: Zanixa
age: 347 (her race usually gets 4,700-5,000 years)
gender: Female
hair (color and style): She has red/orange fur covering her entire body. She looks like a fox kit, about three-quarters mature. She also has a tail of flames
eyes (shape and color): light brown, reddish. They’re almond shaped
clothes: None :slight_smile: She has fur
accesories (body tats, earrings etc.): None
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor fox

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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bottled fantasy creatures

(She’s the little fox in front. Her tail isn’t as majestic as her mother’s yet)

I know this is an odd request, but technically she is a character?


Yes I do :3 just as long as the character design is not that complex


Accepted! Your request will be delivered within 5 days :slight_smile:


Men are not my usual cup of tea but I’ll give it try :3


I only have traditional examples at the moment which you can see in my art book on my profile :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, you are the best!


So it’s is a boy with green eyes and brown hair that’s tucked behind his ears,he was to use a walking cane and the second is a girl with red eyes with blonde hair with the tips dyed black,the boy is 6’ and the girl is 5’10,the also feminine


Name: Aila Vex

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Hair: Curly white/blonde hair, soft ringlets not crazy Afro curls

Eyes: steel grey eyes, big and doe like, big eyelashes

Clothes: black leather jacket, anything dark and edgy

Accessories: black thin choker


  1. Face:
  2. Hair/ more face:
  3. Bottom left pose:

Extra links


it is indeed an odd request XD I never drew foxes and I don’t want your request to
look like crap so your request is denied :frowning:
i only draw hoomans sowwy ;3;


please use the form :blush:


now that’s what I call accurate. Accepted! :heart::heart::heart::heart:


That winkwonk has sold me please draw my Puzzlewuff

character name: Puzzlewuff

age: 19

gender: the female

hair (color and style): yellow + 50’s esque bob/a perm. Lots of spirals. She has two antenna sticking out of her head, that are about chin length. These are cyan in color and she typically wears them curled up to the side of her head. Her bang comes down onto a spiral, usually it parts on the left but ocassionally it parts on the right. Just depends on what looks good.

eyes (shape and color): her eyes are oval shaped and they’re kind of pointed down at, like, a 40 degree angle? Her upper eyelid has heavier lines and two thick eye lashes. Her pupils are magenta hued.
clothes: She wears a black button dress with a cute Peter Pan color. The dress kind if poofs out just a bit and the bottom of the dress is laced with a weird spiral pattern. Her waist is laced with a ribbon, that’s tied into a spiral-y thing, and on her head she’s got a ribbon with a white rose in it. The ribbon, the lace, and the trim are all white and her dress reaches down to her feet. The sleeves of the dress are elbow length and they have a spiral trimming. She’s got black heels with a strap above her ankle.
accesories (body tats, earrings etc.): She’s got two cyan earrings. They are pretty vasic and they’re just a couple of orbs. She has a large sack that she sometimes carries around. She also wears a necklace with a cross on it.

Body type: (lol I didn’t know where else to put this info, and her body shape is pretty unique so lol hope you don’t mind if I add a bit to the form) She’s pretty short, barely 5ft in heels. She’s real busty, she has super wide hips, and she’s pretty chubby. She has a lot of fat in her arms in legs. Plus she has super cute chubby cheeks. Also she’s Korean, she has a pretty fair complexion. Her skin color errs on tge lughter side, but sometimes her skin gets darker. The darkest I’ve ever colored her was pretty much a brownish orange, almost a mid to light tan color. Just depends on the mood of the scene. She has eyebrows, but most of the time they’re covered up and they only appear if she needs to show off emotion (I think it looks creepier that way). Whenever she opens her mouth her only visible tooth is her one large fang. She does have teeth, but I think it looks cuter when it’s just the fang. Her lips are thin enough to not really be noticeable most of the time.


Here’s the model sheet for her

PW%20side%20view However she’s too thin here. This is a bit more accurate: Here is an image of her with her bag: here’s a couple of her in different fasions: And here are some quick unfinished sketches of her that I’m working on.


Thank you for your consideration!


character name: Jack
hair : straight, brown
eyes : green
clothes:A black hoodie,jeans and high tops with blood on the bottom
accessories : a walking cane


Name: Whisper Gutenberg
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde dreadlocks
Eyes: Green, with dreamy look
Clothes: Colorful, hippie-style clothes - some kind of loose, airy dress
Accessories: Extensive jewelery both on her neck and wrists, maybe some flowers in hair


(The one on the left)

Thank you for the consideration ^^