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I tried my hardest to be as precise as I could :joy: thank you for accepting cutie!


character name: Talia
age: 20
gender: Female
hair (color and style): Dark red
eyes (shape and color): Angular shape and emerald green, left eye has a scar over it running from forehead down
clothes: Medieval mostly, anything cotton or leather, usually wears leather pants
accesories (body tats, earrings etc.): Tattoo of shadowy wolf on right shoulder and dragon wrapping up left arm
references: Her face looks a lot like :
She has horns very similar to the picture above but a more angular face and sharper ears. The image below shows the horns better

If you need any other references or descriptions let me know


character name: Lili
age: 17
gender: female
hair (color and style): blonde, long super curly hair.
eyes (shape and color): Hazel, and… Shape? I’ll give you a reverence for it.
clothes: white tank top that is tied in a knot at the hem, black legging, black combat type boots
accessories (body tats, earrings etc.): she has a belt with a dagger hanging in it.
Her outfit
Her shoes
Her hair
The belt with a dagger
Shape and color of her eyes


here’s your request! I’m so so sorrrryyyyy this took so long ;^;

psst how to post pictures ^


Thank you so much! It looks amazing and definitely did not take long; it is well worth the wait <3
Is there any form of paent you would like me to complete? Also, where should I credit you if I wish to post it in my book?


nah you don’t need to complete anything :slight_smile: just credit me if you post or elsewhere


character name: Kyrie
age: physically 20s
gender: they’re supposed to be fairly androgynous, maybe slightly more masculine than feminine
hair (color and style): something like this, shoulder-length hair combed back
color is a very dark brown, almost black
skin tone: closest to rose 5

eyes (shape and color): almond-shaped, the sclerae are black and the irises are supposed to be feline and yellow.
expression: something somber and mutual
clothes: just a simple shirt without sleeves and pants, with a cloak over their shoulders. the hood should not be drawn.
accesories (body tats, earrings etc.): they have their horns and some random black spikes growing off their body as depicted in references, nothing else of note.

some sketches i drew of them


Hmm your character seems nice to draw but way too complex for me to do so I have to deny… unless if you can wait at least two to three weeks for me to finish it


Horns are the second thing I really like to draw besides the eyes ^ so accepted!


Accepted :3


I can wait.


Well then that’s it :slight_smile: Accepted




Accepted! I’ve been waiting for ages to have this kind of request so please excuse me lol XD


Could you please send me some references? Thank youu :slight_smile:


character name: Aaron Grey
age: 16
gender: Male
hair (color and style): Black messy hair
skin tone: fair
eyes (shape and color): almond and gray
expression: slight smirk
clothes: Flannel over a white shirt and dark jeans. Something like this.
accesories (body tats, earrings etc.): n/a
references: Here is a rough image of how I imagine him to look.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions. Thank you so much!


Ah, thank you!! Take your time. Your art is lovely!


Thank you!


They are there, just click at the > References text :slight_smile: I’ve used the “Hide details” function.


Ah! I’m sorry about that ;0; being a newbie sucks so I hope you understand hehe