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character name: Sia Bucks
age: mid-40s (though tries very hard to look in her 20s)
gender: Female
hair: Purple afro
skin tone: Dark
eyes: Alluring
expression: energetic, youthful
clothes: latex clothes and little black dresses
accessories: Wears a skull shaped locket.
references: africanamericanhairstyling[.]com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/1-Purple-Hair.jpg
It’s not letting me post images because I’m new to the community

My references are the same as HuntingMockingJay. I just really thought that what they did was really neat and organized so I copied them lol.

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character name: Connor Anderson

Age: 32

Gender: Male

hair (color and style): Dark brown hair kept longer in the front. Curls messily. Kinda like this:

Or like this, but maybe a bit onger

skin tone: Pale with the occasional freckle dotted here or there

eyes (shape and color): Doe-eyed. Dark, coffee brown

Expression: Winking with finger guns? Or, if you’re feeling something more serious, looking thoughtful/downcast with a cigarette in his mouth?

Clothes: He’s a detective so he’s usually got on a white button up with a poorly done black tie under a dark trench coat or brown overcoat shaped like ths:

accessories (body tats, earrings etc.): He’s got the number nine tattooed into his left wrist if that’s relevant


Thanks so much! Sorry, checking in a bit late here got busy with college. I’ll be sure to continue checking in on occasion! Can’t wait to see it!

your art is gorgeous :o

character name: Nova Eamons
age: 17
hair (color and style): Space buns and blue w/ Purple
skin tone:Pale
eyes (shape and color):Soft blue eyes
expression: Questioning
clothes: Large purple sweater and Black shorts with combat boots.
accesories (body tats, earrings etc.): Space tattoos along her arms

Is this still open

There hasn’t been any activity in months, I think the author may have gone inactive.

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OK thank you

Hi, i would like the character the mostly the same style and looks as in the picture, but with a few things added

character name: Zess Harukane

age: 21ish
Hair(color and style): same as in the picture but with wolf ears
eyes:same as in the picture but with vertical pupils
expression: cold
clothes: same as in the picture
accesories: earpearcings