Free character art



Character name: Azvalath

Personality: Usually kind and caring, but also overprotective of his loved ones and willing to commit murder to keep them safe. Harbors a very dark secret.

Appearance: Moderate height, shoulder-length brown hair, rust-colored eyes

Clothes: Dark gray cloak over a dark brown leather vest, lighter gray trousers and black boots. He keeps a sword on his belt at all times.

Reference images (optional): Can’t find any. If you want more details, ask me.


What kind of face shape does he have? What skin colour does he have?


He has a fairly “bony” face and olive skin.



Character name: Reve

Personality: Reve’s parents were murdered by a ruthless king while Reve was watching. So he is an orphan who was adopted by wolf/deer hybrids. This has caused him to have an calm personality. It is a reserved characters with a lot of high morals. He is very angry inside due to the trauma he experienced at a young age but he doesn’t let the anger control him. He is very quiet and is definitely an introvert.

Appearance: Reve has leaf littered skin with various shades of green, brown, and yellow. He has charcoal black eyes, and vibrant ivy green hair. His hair is not quite shoulder length and has a slightly curly. He has thick brows and long eyelashes.

Clothes: I’m not sure what he wears, but the story takes place in an ancient time period with no advanced technology and he is a poor orphan. I do not have specifics on clothes other than that info. He has a bow and arrow. He wears a necklace with a tiny bag tied to it under his shirt. The bag is drawstring and is a turquoise color. It has ivy green embroidery that looks like vines growing, and in the bag he carries the ashes of his parents. If you want to draw the bag that is fine, but I don’t need it included.

Character name: Leila

Personality: She is skittish and friendly. She is a cherry person despite difficult circumstances, but it also very strong willed and enjoys pranks from time to time. She is also an orphan who was given to the king as a gift. The king gave her to a nice couple to help raise her.

Appearance: Leila is part cat part human. She has black or a deep red hair (whichever yoy think looks better) and fuzzy lion shaped ears that match her hair color. Leila has really long hair with a lot of volume. It has a very slight wave to it. She has an olive skin tone. She has a round face structure, where she doesn’t have a defined facial structure. She is very pretty and her eyes are purple.

Clothes: I don’t have many specifics again. She was raised as the king’s wench so her clothes would be more fancy and sophisticated. She travels a lot as an escort for Reve so she would also dress more practical than other servants. She has to venture in the woods a lot. I picture her in the color purple.

Character name: King Minos

Personality: He is a ruthless king that has governed the land for centuries. He follows his own moral code and chose to always follow the decisions he declares because it would hurt his pride if he changed his mind. He is like a military king. He wants to start a war with the land next to his. He is always very regal looking and keeps a very neutral/disinterested expression.

Appearance: He has long midnight black hair with a blue hue to it. He has tuft ears that are also blackish-blue. He is very, very pale. He has deep brown eyes, the only feature that gives him a human, soft-like appearance. He has a strong jawline and appears strong. And has a full tail that is black, thick, and fluffy.

Clothes: He wears very lavish robes, but are practical enough to easily move around them. Either black or red colored. Or a good color to contrast his slightly blue hair? I’m not sure if he wears a crown or not. I haven’t thought up the customs of the world to this point yet. If you want to include a crown, maybe a midnight black color with rubies in it? Sorry some of this isn’t well thought out…

If you want to refuse to draw, feel free. I know they are weird characters and will probably be difficult to draw (although I love your drawing style so that would make me really sad).


Here’s Azvalath


Looks good! Thank you. It doesn’t actually look like Azvalath, but it looks exactly like his best friend, who I also wanted a picture of.


Fair enough! Glad I drew one of your characters right! :joy: What does Azvalath look like in comparison to his friend?


I may come here for a couple more characters!


Character name: Thea Frey

Personality: Passive-Aggressive and stubborn, protective


-Reddish brown skin

  • Curly, Kinky dark brown hair

  • on the side of her head, scars on her arms, on the left side of her brow

  • tired lines under her eyes

-she has a broken nose, slightly twisted from being broken and tried to put back

  • a twisted smile that is like kind of sarcastic

  • rigid, tense posture

  • bright blue eyes

Clothes: We’ll go with her assassin garb

  • Hooded tan cloak

  • long sleeved cream colored shirt underneath

  • elbow length brown gloves

  • dark brown leggings

  • knee high dark brown boots

(you can have her weapon in her hand, but this is optional: A curved gray steel blade)

Reference images (optional):


Could you describe her scars in slightly more detail?


Character name: Katrina Monich (Ka-tree-nah) (Mon-ick)

Personality: Slightly quieter, head always stuck in a book, sweet, observant, and can easily read through people’s feelings.

Appearance: Dark brown, waist height, hair. Blue/ almost grey eyes, button nose, porcealin skin, very thin(minimal bust and butt,) long legs, and one arm has a full sleeve of tattoos (no specific tattoos, have fun)

Clothes: Hmmm, try an off the shoulder sweater(black,) with black leggings, high boots (grey), hair styled straight, and a golden neckalce with a little dove on it.

Reference images (optional): I have no idea, haha, go wild. Your art is very goregous and I’m intrigued to see what you can come up with.

Very much appreciated, but do not feel obligated to do.



Omg I love it!! Thank you so much!!


May I add that in at the start and credit you? I love it quite a lot.


Ooooo this sounds fun


Character name: Zia

Personality: She is a very strong willed girl, and very snarky. She takes things very seriously, but also is very good at putting tasks off.

Appearance: She has dark skin, curly hair tied in a high ponytail, deep brown eyes, and a sharp chin. She is very muscular, and about 5"1.

Clothes: Short denim overalls, pink tee shirt under the overalls and a scarf tied around her midsection. Black combat boots, and an earring that goes up her ear

Reference images (optional): Ignore the awful anatomy, this was an unfinished sketch from a few months ago


(Ahh thanks for offering this, I love your work!)


Sure. The one on her brow is a deep cut, like a knife sliced through her skin. The scars on her skin are like whipping marks - thin but long across the skin. (Also, forgot to mention that the iris, of her blue eyes, is gold)


Character name: Kai Fen

Personality: He’s prideful and stubborn. He has the habit of bossing others around. Acts first, asks later. He’s untrusting. Very loyal to his family.

Appearance: He’s fifteen, and not quite grown into himself yet. Broad shoulders. His skin is a dark beige. His hair is dark brown, almost black. His eyes are brown as well. His nose is close to his face and short. He has a monolid. He keeps his hair pulled back into a topknot.

Clothes: A traditional crimson silk robe. The arms are lighter, almost white. There is so gold detailing near the bottom, and a yellow sash around his waist. He has a piece of white and green fabric tied around his neck. When it’s cold, most of his outfit is hidden under a dark cloak.

Reference images (optional): fen
(Sorry the first one’s so huge and second one’s of such bad quality, I don’t have good programs on this device.)


Sure thing!


Ooof, i love the lineless version here :heart:


Thank you! I was quite happy with it