Free Character Drawings (Headshots) - Lily's Art Board - Full Body/Character interactions w/payment

Hey! Had a little shock coming back to Wattpad and seeing how much has changed, wow. I’m back into drawing, and need some characters to bring to life. Please credit me if using any graphics elsewhere, and share some info about your story as well!

Payment = Follow, only when I finish and if you like the drawing!

Free Sketches - Head/Upper Body Designs:

Not Free (These take a bit more of my patience lol) - Full Body/Character Interactions

Please make out a form for each character if interacting




Body Shape:

Eye Color:

Skin Color:

Hair Style/Color:




Extra Requests/info:

Full Body/Head/Interaction (Pick one):


This is just a headshot. I understand if you don’t want to do it.

Sounds fun! I’ll work on her right now, thanks!

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Yay, thankyou!

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The MC from my book, The Fallen Crow.

Name: Branwen

Age: 20

Gender: female

Body Shape: thin hourglass, not super curvy, not athletic/muscular

Eye Color: bright blue

Skin Color: very fair/pale, with dark circles under her eyes

Hair Style/Color: waist-length, black, wavy, thick and unruly, either in a single braid or loose, I don’t care either way

Expression/Posture: smiling, but not showing her teeth, so a slight smile, I guess?

Tattoos/freckles/etc.: none

Clothing/Jewelry: a simple, flowing, green medieval dress with a blue corset. multiple silver ear piercings

Extra Requests/info: She’s 4’6" tall and has pointed ears, because she’s half dwarf. closest thing I have to a face claim would be Claudia Black.

Full Body/Head/Interaction (Pick one): full body, please!

Color/BW: color!

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Hi love! I don’t think votes should be mentioned as payment. It’s forbidden.

Great sketches, tho.

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Hi there :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m afraid mentioning votes is not allowed in the forums as it could lead to vote trading. Before posting, please check the pinned guidelines of the club you’re posting in. I’ve gone ahead and edited your post to remove the mention of votes.

Thank you :blush:

Hollie - Community Ambassador

Hello! So it’s my very first time requesting a drawing of my character, so I hope to describe her right like the picture I have of her in my mind.

Name: Maeva Anderson

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Body Shape: hourglass - not skinny but not fat either (in the story, she’s lost plenty of wheight, so she still has a tad of curves)

Eye Color: Brown (almond shaped)

Skin Color: Fair

Hair Style/Color: Brown hair, wavy, mid-back length

Expression/Posture: Smiling (no teeth)

Tattoos/freckles/etc.: None

Clothing/Jewelry: Dark blue jeans - black shirt - Black rimmed rectangular glasses

Extra Requests/info: 5’11’’ long, and could she be holding or taking care of a plant (or tree or flower - you choose) it’s a major detail in the story.
If this helps, she’s a sweet bookworm/flowers addict but with biting sarcasm. (I know it’s not really relevant for a drawing, but I thought it’d help you get to know her a bit more).

Full Body/Head/Interaction (Pick one): Full body, please.

Color/BW: Color

Thank you in advance!

Love, hugs, and lots of chocolate


Okay, so color still isn’t my strong point, so I included the BW version. What do you think?




Working on yours next! Thanks for sharing, she sounds cool.

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Awesome! Thanks for being willing to draw her. :slight_smile:

She is really adorable! Thank you! I will credit you!~

All done! Because you wanted full body, you can do whatever payment you want, tbh. Only if you like it, though. I included the BW and color version.


The personality really helps, thanks! Working on her now. :slight_smile:

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This is perfect! I love all three versions. Can I post the art in my book? I’ll definitely credit you. And I followed you and added your art book to my reading list. Is that ok for payment?

Sure, no problem! And that’s great, thanks!

Would you mind if I put her in my art book? I like how she turned out. You can message me a little paragraph of your story summary and a description of her, if you want. I’d also dedicate the chapter to you.

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I’d love that! I’ll send you a PM with the info.

Heyo. Love the look of your stuff. Is it alright if I fill in the form when I get home? Also, with the character interactions, we just give you a follow, right?

Whatever you want to do, really. And that’d be fine!

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I’m going to work, y’all. I’ll be back in the morning, but idk if I’ll sleep or stay up. Either way, I’ll be working on these tomorrow!