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Please read post #62 first thank you! Heya everyone! awkward jazz hands I’m Chippa and welcome to my humble abode~ cringe aside, I currently have way too much free time in the upcoming days so why not do some requests? As for now, I’m only accepting 5 original character headshot requests. And no, it’s not first come, first serve. I’ll follow that piques my interest and really challenge me and stuff. Btw, my art style is somewhere revolving around anime self-doubt intensifies so please, pLeASe don’t give me a realistic eye, face etc. as a reference. Cartoons are acceptable tho so go ahead~ Likewise, I only draw hoomans, mostly females. Horns, cat ears, fox tails, etc. are also aCcEPtaBlE (why I sound like lemongrass over here)

With no further do, just fill out the form below! Oh and btw, there’s no payment needed for these. a fOLlow wOuLD bE noIcE

Character name:
Age (and looks like):
Skin tone:
Eye shape and color:
Hair color and hair style:
Distinguishing features (freckles, moles, scars etc.):
Accesories (piercings, tats, jewelry, hair ties, eye patch, a frickin parrot etc.):
Background (may or may not be done ^):
Others (references and your fav song atm):

I know this is late but examples are available in my art book! lowkey self-promo but no, just didn’t know how to post pictures since I’m relatively new to this so god help meh :joy::sweat_smile: (cries in spanish)

I’m gonna put this reminder on th is part to know if you really read my ‘sort-of’ rules. Anyways, there are no redos unless I see that I beep up your character with my poor skillz and lazy ass. Also, there are no promises that your request are going to be colored. I wanna focus on screentoning this summer (kaway-kaway sa mga jonels ko dyan) but if you really want me to color yours, just tell me :3

That’s all and I hope all potatoes out there to have a nice day! :smiley:


Hi, you! If you’re up for some request to kill time, then consider this one.

Name: Noriko (no last name)
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (could look a little younger)
Skin tone: Very pale (due to sickness)
Eye shape and color: Feline, cat-like eyes. One green (normal eye), one very pale blue, almost silver (blind eye). It’s up to you which eye is which. You could also go for her second self when she’s in the mania mode: both eyes are red, none is blind.
Hair color and hair style: Red hair, long enough to be just over the shoulder (medium-length).
Expression: If in normal mode, innocent expression. Anything you’d like! If in mania mode, evil, naughty expression.
Distinguishing Features: Nothing.
Accessories: Depends. You could either draw her with an eye patch over her blind eye and a black mast to cover everything but eyes (since she’s sick) or just draw her in her normal self.
Background: Not very important but if you’re really interested in killing time (lol) you could go for something like her in her mania mode with a Death Note book in her hand (yes. Fanfic. So original) or other several flying books around her as she’s floating in the air of some total darkness? Sounds freaky lmao.
Others: Well, yes, it’s a Death Note fanfic. I love dark things so maybe go for that?

Well, I followed you by the way. So, you don’t have to draw this but go for it if you’d like to. I’m mostly interested to see what your style is like. But anyway, have a good day :smiley:

Character name: Niamh Laker
Gender: female
Age: 27, looks like it.
Skin tone: a light tan
Eye shape and color: round, emerald green
Hair color and hair style: dark brown, wavy curls. Style loose and down, bed head if possible
Expression: sleepy/ annoyed
Distinguishing features: light freckles on her nose and a few tiny ones on her face
Accesories: don’t know if this is relevant since it’s a head shot but she’s got a green pendant on her wrist attached to a bone bracelet.
Background: As if she just opened the door of her house, with a small kitchen behind her. The scene I have her in she’s woken up very early to do a job.
Others: She’s wearing a dark red pyjama shirt. My fav song rn is Loona’s song Butterfly

Hi! I’ve always wondered what this character would look like in the style you described so i’d like to make a request.

Name: Rose (Still making a last name)
Gender: Female (Can cyborgs have a gender?)
Age: 17. Looks about a year older
Skin tone: Pale

Eye shape: Almond or Deep Set eyes. Both her eyes are piercing blue: She has a module that triggers a chemical release in what’s left of her brain to induce a psychopathic state, making one eye glow red. She can be drawn in either state.

Hair colour and style: A darker brown colour that’s around shoulder length and is really unkempt. It’s thick and curly but since most of its synthetic it doesn’t matt, forming a stereotypical anime-styled fringe

Expression: If both her eyes are piercing blue then a smug expression (half smile, relaxed eyes) If you’re drawing her in ‘Ripper’ mode (as i call it) then a murderous, absolutely furious expression is the go.

Distinguishing features:
Her ‘skin’ isn’t skin, excusing the pale complexion. This gives her an almost perfect synthetic look, if you can manage it. Still human, but way too perfect, almost plasticy.
A small tear in her lower right cheek exposing silver metal beneath it, a battle scar.

Accessories: None.

Background: Depends on what state you draw her in. For her normal state brighter colours are preferable, but in her ripper state the background would be gloomy, violent and bloody

Others: She sorta looks like Mecha-Fiora from Xenosaga or Xenoblade 1 (yes i’m a bit of a weeb and i based Rose’ design off her. XD)

Aside from that, i’ll send a follow your way. It’s your choice whether you take this on or not, no obligation

Your art style is saaaa cute, and I absolutely love it! I had a character that I wanted to see in your style, but you said you were looking for a challenge sooooo :blush:

Character name: Faye Adara
Gender: Female
Age (and looks like): She’s 20 but could pass for 25. She wears heavy makeup and thus likes to look more mature and grown up
Skin tone: Mediterranean, tanned olive
Eye shape and color: Her eyes are blue with very very noticeable gold in them
Hair color and hair style: Pitch black hair, always worn in a high high sleeked back ponytail
Expression: Nothing too extravagant, something regal and “take no crap” like?
Distinguishing features (freckles, moles, scars etc.): An eyepatch over her left eye.
Accesories (piercings, tats, jewelry, hair ties, eye patch, a frickin parrot etc.): An eye patch! It’s glittery and bedazzled, and here’s a graphic I got done that shows it
Background (may or may not be done ^ ): Something silver if you do it, but I actually prefer PNG’s/ white backgrounds.
Others (references and your fav song atm): Fav Song is Kamikazee by MISSIO, and here is my character profile for Faye!
Just click on the “appearance” bar, and I have everythinggg there, along with hyperlinked pictures so make sure you click on those!! :blush:

Thank you so much for your consideration!

You got me with Death Note so accepted! :joy: what kind of hair she has tho? Is it straight or wavy?

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I’m sorry but i can’t draw your character :frowning: I’m really looking up for a challenge, some kind of a breath of fresh air. She’s a kind I often draw before but I want something different this time :slight_smile:

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When I come and think of it, i actually never drawn a humanoid robot before :sweat_smile: I’m still considering this one but I’ll try :grin:

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I can’t wait to see your art (I am curious about your style!)

That’s okay, would drawing a toddler or young kid be a challenge for you?

Name: Hisaki Onohara
Gender: Male
Race: Japanese
Eyes: blazing emerald green almond-shaped eyes
Height: 5ft 10in
weight: 135lbs
Hair: Shoulder Length dark brown wavy (poofy) hair.
Age: 19 but looks like a 16 year old

Facial Features: has a very soft looking regal face. a small soft button nose and plump lips. has no scars on his body but he does have a tattoo of a clock on his left shoulder. That looks like it’s gonna run out of time, meaning the clock is eroding.

Body: fairly short stature, so everyone likes to make fun of him and call him a kid, has scrawny arms but fairly strong legs and everything else is super skinny. has some muscle definition.

Personality: He can be very sarcastic but that’s mainly due to the fact that he died and was promptly teleported to the 1700’s at the beginning of the revolutionary war. He has a very morbid sense of humour. Also likes to mess with Washington from time to time, such as stealing all of his quills so he is unable to write. He can also be very serious when the need arises. especially when he needs to kill people.

Expression: normally always has a smug smirk on his countenance. but you can see the loneliness in his eyes because he’s not actually from this time.

Thank you :grin: it’s up to you. I’d say mostly straight but don’t be afraid to give some volume to her hair. Let your creativity flow :smile:

She looks practically the same as a human anyways, just the face doesn’t have any moles or spots or anything except the scar. It’s alright, only do it if you want to :slight_smile:

does she have bangs? :slight_smile: she seems interesting edit: sowwy about that :rofl: i didn’t notice the picture before hehe the features here are way too complex for me than it used to in the clubs :sweat_smile:

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aah it definitely would me since i often draw teens to adults. Hit me up with it

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i’m still considering this one ;/ your pics won’t show up but i’ll notify you if i’m doing yours or not. And also, thank you :blush:

please use the form :slight_smile:

Character name: Ronan Romero
Gender: male
Age (and looks like): 2 and a half
Skin tone: Light brown/Tan
Eye shape and color: big round eyes, hazel
Hair color and hair style: Dark brown, little curls
Expression: Smiley, has only a few teeth
Distinguishing features (freckles, moles, scars etc.): dimples
Accesories: a toy ball
Background (may or may not be done ^ ): he’d just be on a floor with loads of toys around him


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What picture isn’t showing up?