Free Cover/Banners ( mostly simple )

Hey there,

I know that it can be quite tricky to make your own Cover or Banner for your book.

For some time know I discovered my love to digital art, including Covers for Wattpad books and/or banners to promote your story or just to decorate the page.

My style ist mostly simple, fitting colors and simple imagines in the back. Some stickers and fancy stuff can never hurt as well as some creative writing.

If you want, I can happily make you a book cover/banner for your story on Wattpad. Just comment down below with the following details.

** Kind : Cover (), Banner ()
Name of the book ( optional for banner ) :
Subtitles :
Author :
Other writing :
What should it look like :
Colors :
Theme : Dark (), Natural (), Light ()
Do you have an Picture I should include :
Style : more simple (), a bit fancy ()
Am I allowed to put my Wattpad name on the cover too : yes (), no (), send me one with and one without your name ()**

( If you have no Image in head what your cover should look like, follow the steps below ( rule no. 5 ))

I only have a few simple rules that you need to follow :

  1. For an Cover/Banner comment the form
  2. I will not put my Wattpad name on the cover ( unless you want me too ) but all the copyright for the Covers/Banners ( excluding the background picture ). Do NOT claim them as yours
  3. Always be friendly with each other and me
  4. It could take some time with the Covers/Banners. I will try to make them as fast as possible. Don’t write me after one day and ask where your Cover/Banner is.
  5. If you have absolutely no Idea what your Cover/Banner should look like, send me only your book name, Subtitel ( if you have one ) and author name as well as a small description of your plot ( not more than 7 sentences )
  6. All the work I make is for free, you don’t need to pay me anything to get them.

That’s all so far. In the next post I’ll put one Cover and Banner I made for my new book so you can look at my already done work. For more examples just ask me :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

Sounds interesting. Let’s see whatcha got.

Kind : Cover
Name of the book ( optional for banner ) : Soul of a Crestfallen Knight
Subtitles : N/A
Author : Coconut of Doom
Other writing : N/A
Plot: Basically recounting the final moments and thoughts of a dying knight. So, yeah. A dark theme would be cool.

EDIT: Reformatted the request. Lol, my bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is this okay? Or do you want something other?


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This is it? Seriously?! Oml I am in LOVE with it! I honestly didn’t know what to expect, and this certainly wasn’t it, but I want it now. Thank you so much! :smiley:

I might hit you up in the future for more.

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I’m happy that your happy to what I made you.

I wasn’t really sure about it cause it was my first time doing a cover for anyone but me. But I guess it turned out good.

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It is waaaay better than anything I could ever foster up, and I have a certification in Photoshop.

If you want, whenever I post the cover anywhere I’ll advertise your name. You deserve to be out there. :smiley:

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That’s would be eat, thanks you

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Hey, this may not be related to your topic, but could you please tell me which site you use for making these covers? I received a sticker that I want to add to my book, but I don’t know how…

I use quit a lot different apps for one cover.

But I think for your part I take .

Alright, thank you and good luck with your work :slight_smile:

No problem and good luck with the cover :grinning:

Kind : Cover
Name of the book: Could It Be…
Subtitles : A Poem Anthology
Author : Roxanne Reinard
Description: My anthology consists of different poems based on different aspects of love and how the speaker feels.
Am I allowed to put my Wattpad name on the cover too : send me one with and one without your name


Hi! I’d like to request a cover on behalf of @shitija
I have no idea on how the cover should look like.

Type: cover
Title: The Investigative Buddies
Author: shitija

Description of your story: It’s a kids story. Group of friends in the neighbourhood come together to solve problems.
" Join the investigative Buddies as they uncover and solve different mysteries arising in their neighbourhood"

Characters: Micheal, Olivia, Matrix(dog), Robert, Sophia

Do tell me if you are interested…:(:blush:

@EstelAbrDuEldunari @Codexa_Reynard

Both accepted. I will begin to work on them as soon as I can


Is this cover okay? Or do you want something different?
( when you decided on a cover I will send you a version without my name )



Do you want the cover or should I change something ?


This is going to be for my first Wattpad story so I’m super excited.

Kind: Cover
Name of The Book: The Legends That Lived Again
Subtitles: N/A
Author: Rudy
What it should look like: I’m hoping for a medieval kind of look? maybe something related to knights and heros, but it shouldnt be over the top.
Colors: Earthy colors would be preferred, with the occasional green, blue or red.
Theme: A mix of dark and light
Style: Do whatever suits you.
Plot: I haven’t entirely figured it out, but it revolves around a boy (the protagonist) who is caught in the middle of a slightly mystical medieval war.
Notes: I would like it if the cover doesn’t look too blocky or just has images - if you could include something that is hand drawn or looks hand drawn I would appreciate that a lot. :smile:

I have written the prologue already, so if you wanna give that a read just send me a private message on Wattpad (I’ll assume thats possible, but I’m not entirely sure since I’m new here).

Thanks a lot,
Rudy :cookie:

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That will be a hard cover but i can try. ( no promises )
So with earthy colors you mean more natural colors? Like darker blue and green found in the nature and not bright, right?

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yeah that would be perfect. If it turns out to be too hard for you then you can make it as simple as you want - no worry. That works as well.

This is so cool!!!

  1. can you put the dog on bottom and the kids on top?
  2. make the dog a little more furry?
  3. and yeah, really sorry, but change shitija to youdhustu?
    Thanks!! :):upside_down_face: