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I just use Canva and look for high quality photos. I can edit your request up to 2 edits and we’ll communicate via private message.

For the finished product, I’ll give you a link where you can download your cover.

Request form:

Author name:
Tagline: if any
Peg: if any (attach photos for vibe or you can just describe)
Preferred Palette: if any


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no need for credits since I’m doing this for fun, but if I’ll be using photos from a source outside Canva, please make sure to credit the photo in your story. I’ll tell you the source if ever.

I can also do sticker for your award contests, here’s a sample. Though this might take a while for me to do. Message me for payment as I haven’t thought about it yet. I just drafted this out randomly.


Wait for my private message for confirmation of your request.

Title: 20 Days In His Bedroom
Author: Roniiaa
It’s romance and it’s talking about two strangers who were sitting next to each other on a plane and it crashed so she was forced to stay with him until she finds her parents.

Hi Roniiaa,
Can you tell me the feel of your story? Is it a fluff or something mature?
If there would be a color or colors to describe your book, what would that be?
I’ll try my best to portray the feel of your story on the cover.

This is the description if it can help you:

Twyla didn’t realize what she was getting into when she boarded the plane, the plane that would lead her to love at first sight, and also to first tragedy. When she takes a seat next to an attractive individual, and starts chatting with him, she has no idea that she’ll be leaving this plane, not with her family, but with him. He turns out to have a kind heart, not only great looks, and when the plane unexpectedly crashes, takes her to safety until she finds her family again. Will she reunite with her new love, or leave him and forget?

It doesn’t contain mature content though but it’s romantic.

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Hi! I sent my draft to your inbox.

**Title:Yoongi’s discovery
**Author name kp0pem0trsh
**Tagline: sometimes we don’t even fully know ourselves

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