Free Cover Designs

I’m new to WattPad (sort of) and hope this forum is where I can find an excuse to practice cover art design. To that end, I offer free cover concepts, first come, first served. While I don’t mind payment beyond just credit for the art, I don’t really care. Just PM me if a cover suits your fancy. Now, frankly, I’m not a trained cover designer. I’m just looking an excuse to use an animation (and plugins) program as a means to create designs. My hope is someday, somewhen, somehow, to be good enough to offer high quality commercial designs. One other thing is I seek to be unique in my designs, or atypical. We usually see impossibly beautiful and sexy people (mostly females exhibiting in various degrees, their “endowments.” and of one ethnic group. My covers want to provoke stories about people who don’t necessarily fit that mold. Ordinary people if you will. Hoping I’m doing this right, here are the first two. The fake titles will be removed for persons requesting the covers.

Would you be ok with a suggestion(critique)?

I welcome suggestions and critique. My view is if one doesn’t listen, then one doesn’t learn anything. Don’t be shy or meek about your input. I like copying such to a text file, so I can review them periodically when working on associated projects. Education is KING. :+1:

Hey, I hope I am not over stepping. You said you are just making covers for practice @stardazzleprofile has a graphic contest you could join if you want to.

Here is a LINK