Free Cover Shop (Open)

Hi there!

I enjoy making covers so figured I would put this out here.

No payment needed (but if you’d like to give back, please check out my novel, Where The Sun Meets The Sea)

I need the following:

Author Name (what you want put on the cover):
Do you have any ideas or examples of what you want for the cover?

No fan fictions. No real actors on covers. Sorry, not my thing.

Here are some examples of covers I’ve done.

Black and White Simple Elegant Wattpad Book Cover

Armoured Knight Fantasy Wattpad Book Cover

Written by Melia Gabriel


Hi! A new cover would be nice, if you can :slight_smile:

Title: Slayer of the Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Author Name: Liya

I have no examples, but I’d love for it to look action/fantasy-ish lol.
Here’s my old cover:
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All right, I have no idea if any of these will work, but here’s what I’ve got.

Stardust Fantasy Wattpad Book Cover

Stardust Fantasy Wattpad Book Cover-2

Stardust Fantasy Wattpad Book Cover-3

I’d be happy to try again if you give me a bit more of what direction you want to go in. If you end up using one of these, please credit me as the cover designer.

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Hello friend,
I was wondering if you could make me 4 covers, 2 for each book. I know this seems like a lot to ask, but I’m not really looking for anything complicated. If you only want to do one of the books, then that is totally fine, just notify me:)

First one:
Title: The Wandering Mind
Genre: Blog posts
Author Name (what you want put on the cover): Shiro
Do you have any ideas or examples of what you want for the cover?
Something like a notepad, a cup of coffee, a pen, on a table with my title on it, it’s really that simple.

Second one
Title: Midnight Moonlight
Genre: Poems and short stories
Author name: Shiro
Do you have any ideas or examples of what you want for the cover?
For this one, a moon would be obviously interesting. What would also be maybe interesting is someone sitting in the dark at night in front of a beautiful sky just looking out.

If you have any questions just let me know and if you don’t want to do them I would also like to be notified. Thanks a lot for your services:)

Hi there! Here we go. If you use any of them, please credit me.

Midnight Moonlight-2

Midnight Moonlight-3

Midnight Moonlight

Midnight Moonlight-4 Midnight Moonlight-5

Thanks for the offer
This is my first book and I didn’t know what to do
Title: My alpha
Genre: Werewolf
Author name: The anonymous writer

Hey! Thanks a lot for these covers, I like them a lot! I will definitely credit you when the books will be posted!

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Here you go! Credit me if you use any of them.

My Alpha-3

My Alpha-2

My Alpha

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Hey there! I’m in desperate need of a good cover because mine sucks LOL

My genre is werewolf and my book is called “Bound”
Author: TwixxieSkittle

The only thing I don’t like is when a cover shows someone’s face. I don’t mind if its someone’s back or side or the rest of the body or whatever, but I hate when a real person’s face is on it LOL but other than that, I’m open to anything!

The vibe I kinda like is something a bit more dark, but if you have any unique ideas I’m all for it.

If you have the time to do this, I would really appreciate it!

Hi there, I really like the samples of your cover. I need one for my crime novella. The cover I have right now is boring .If I like your cover I will pay.

Title: Blood Trail in the Himalayan Kingdom
Genre: Thriller

This is a story of a psycho who butchers travelers to keep alive a cult. The picture I have in mind is a porter (Sherpa) carrying a Doko (wicker basket slung to head) with human parts in a forest, dark blue background (late evening). Please let me know if you are interested, if so I will send you some pics and more details.

Hey! I’d love anything you can come up with.

Title: Of Traitors and Tyrants
Genre: Romance with Fantasy Sub Genre
Author Name (what you want put on the cover): A. N. Horton
Do you have any ideas or examples of what you want for the cover?
I don’t have any specific ideas. I’m hoping the creator can be creative and use your imagination. For reference, the colors associated with her is purple and him is green. Below is the blurb for inspiration.

Not every love story begins in a fog of flirtation and flattery. Some of the strongest bonds are formed, most unexpectedly, through hardship. This is especially the case for strong willed, quick witted Mila Zolotov. Her beloved country has been at war with their northern neighbors for over three decades and, as a member of the royal family herself, she has always been expected to despise them the most. Why, then, would her brother make his first act as their country’s new King betrothing her to their enemy’s Prince?

Thrust into a world that she had always been taught to hate, Mila finds her heart opening to the people whom her brother calls savages. She finds herself forming unlikely friendships with those groups of people whom a princess should never interact with, soldiers and prostitutes, orphans and hermits. She finds herself on a journey to a love that she never asked for and to the heartbreak of the inevitable choice between a new love and an old. In the end, Mila will learn a valuable lesson. That we are judged, not on what we can control, but on how we handle that which is outside of our control.

Please Pm me if you have any questions!