free covers!<3 (closed for a while)

hey! I can kinda make some neat covers!
Below are some examples of my work. Of course, there’s more people with a ton more experience, but I’m happy to offer my help if you’d like it!
Payment is free, but you’re welcome to check out my books.
Just tell me a bit about your book, its overall mood, title. characters, etc, and we’ll be good to go!



Hi! :slight_smile: I would love if you had the chance of making me a book cover. I don`t know how to do it myself…

Name of story: Passionate mates
Author: Kiammoh
Genre: Werewolf romance
Preferences: A moon, with a silhouette of a wolf from the side. I also want to see on the cover that it is also a romance story, but I have no idea of how to do that… Any suggestions appreciated. Also open to other things besides a moon and a wolf.

Summary of the story:
Meet Kira Connor. She’s 19 years old, unmated, and her fathers favorite child. With her long, lean body, brown hair, and her blue eyes, everybody knows who she is. She has been well protected by her father, and he have made sure her innocence has been maintained. So when Jax Bryan, the neighbor Alpha, comes to help their pack with a rogue-problem, everything changes. Kira recognizes him as her mate, but he is very different from her. He is very possessive, strong willed, dominant, and tough. She herself is innocent, quiet, and doesn’t like attention. Can she be with someone that different?
Kira has lived a protected life, and has always done what her father told her to do. Now, she gets challenged by her mate.

Jax brings Kira home to his pack, and he understands that he has to give Kira some time to comprehend all of this. But he is a very impatient man. He wants her so badly, in any way he can have her. Their attraction is through the roof, and Jax is struggling to control himself around her. Meanwhile, he has to prepare her to become the Luna of his pack. In his pack, The Bloodmoons pack, both women and men are fighters. Jax uses a lot of his time toughening up Kira, both physically and mentally. He adores Kira, but he really has been given a weak mate.

With their opposite personalities, they both will challenge each other. They will fight a lot, and disagree a lot. But they will also share an intense love and attraction, which will make it all worth it.

I’d be glad to help! I’ll make a few options- I’ll get working right away!:grin:

Thank you so much! <3


Here’s a few! Let me know if you’d like more options!

shoot, I just realized I misspelled your name in the first one, haha! I’ll fix it right away!


Hii :star_struck: i love your work and if it is possible i would like one too :blush:
Title : Little Wunder ( means miracle in german )
Author : queen-camy-lulu
Color preferences : Between dark green or black ( a bit mixed together or smudged maybe ?)
Cover : A black cat with green eyes and a bushy forest in the background
summary : Noah a teen girl who just want answers for her confusion and wish to live her days in peace away from trouble or unfortunate evens , but it seems like luck was never in her side . Until one night she decided to follow a certain nose through the trees , who would guess this simple action will turn her world upside down ?
A quote :“ I was looking for answers just to be more intrigued “
mood : mysteries / dark

I’ll get started right away!

Here’s some:

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Hey! My book is Sugarcane and Indigo. It’s about a town descended from rebel slaves in Louisiana. A God -Anansi - blessed the town with magic for their courage. Flash forward 400 years to present day and a girl named Lavender falls in love with an outsider named Indigo. The catch? It’s forbidden since he’s an outsider and he’s only in town investigating the death of his sister which is somehow connected to Lavender’s family.

The book is about reclaiming of stories. Lavender can communicate/control plants. She’s a black girl who’s a little self-conscious and is debating whether she can give up her magic to be with Indigo/save her town.

Indigo is a black boy who’s determined to find out the truth about his sister. He also loved Lavender but feels like she’s keeping a secret from him - which she is.

It’s paranormal meets romance meets murder mystery.

The mood should be light with a little bit of creepy thrown in.

Thank you so much!

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i love it ! thank you for your time :heart_eyes:

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Here’s a few, @Africana124 :grin: hope you like them! The first one I just thought would look cool, but the second one I tried to go for a more mysterious vibe.

Do you mind if I request on here?

go ahead!

Name of story: Culinary Confessions
Author: Fondness_Fantasies
Genre: Romance
Preferences: A guy and girl working in the kitchen, about to kiss or kissing. Another suggestion would be them against the background of a kitchen, cooking.

Summary of the story:

Being an aspiring patisserie chef is not an easy job and Maddie knows this well. In an attempt to promote her bakery, she accepts an order to bake a very important wedding cake. The only problem is that she’s never baked a wedding cake before. Determined to complete this offer, Maddie accepts the help from a cooking school student called Justin. As the two of them make the cake together, Maddie realizes that nothing is ever going to be the same between the two of them.

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Hey! Since you really seem to know a lot about covers, I just wanted to ask if the cover below is good enough for an epic fantasy? I made the cover myself for the first time and I am really not sure what to think of it…

Thank you and I would appreciate an honest reply lol.
If it does not seem attractive enough, would you kindly help me in making one?
Here are the details:

Author: The3rdIN
genre: Epic fantasy
Mood colour: I want the colors to look as epic as possible
PREFERENCE: Any of these, please
(i) An apple impaled by a spear from below and dagger from above cross(slanting way) Someone should be holding spear and the dagger.
(ii)Anything else, I would appreciate. If you need an idea of the story, here is the description:

“Mirror on the wall! Mirror on the wall!
Who is the BRAVEST of them all!?”

The father of Snow White, Khauleous, was a living legend, the king of gods and titans. When a mysterious goddess marries her father to become the queen, Snow White’s mistrust on her proves itself.

Khauleous gets murdered and Snow White is exiled out of the castle to the world of chaos. And the tension begins to arise between the gods and titans.

Can Snow White slay the seven unknown gods as she had promised her late deceased mother?

Can she trust the mysterious man, whose blue eyes go as deep as the ocean?

Thank you, and if you consider, I would really appreciate a quick response since my story is already published.

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First off I would like to say, your covers are beautiful! I would love one of that is possible!
I’ve had a cover in mind for a while now and just don’t know how to make one so this would be much appreciated! That is, if you aren’t already overloaded with requests by this point!

Title : A Dragon’s War -Book 1- A Fighting Stance

Author : LadyRiverRider

Ascetic : A country on the cusp of war, (It’s my own world but imagine medieval time period)

Main Characters : Reena- 5" 6/7 waist length hair Sir Cole Fengrear-6" 3 trimmed hair around his ears. They would be in the cover I have put below.

Cover : Night time with a burning village at the bottom of the cover, a dragon’s head looking straight at the reader in the sky above the village, on a hill to the left (or right) side of the cover overlooking the village is the silhouette of a man and a woman. The woman closer to the reader in a dress. The man with a sword at his left side. Wind blowing the skirt of the dress, their hair, and the fire.

Summery : Hired for a war she has no place in, Reena, an orphan picked up at a young age by a kindly old woman, and her partners/best friends find themselves traveling to an unknown land. With no dragon to call her own and nothing specifically ‘special’ to offer in the group Reena becomes the mother, of sorts. With danger working around every corner, whether know it going unnoticed, the trip is no less then eventful. And, only a few weeks into their stay at the new land Reena meets a man with the most soulless eyes she is ever seen.

Sir Cole Fengrear, bodyguard to the third prince of Granlease, and said prince’s best and only friend, thought the stress on his plate couldn’t get worse, until the group of dragon tamers arrived at the castle. With his charge’s life to protect, the strain on his own sanity and the mounting war glimmering on the horizion, Cole couldn’t be more on edge. And, with a growing admiration toward a certain young woman adding to his pile of worries Cole’s patience starts to ware thin.

Welcome to a world of wonder, majesty, and peril! Filled with creatures that could, and would, kill you in a heartbeat. A world of beauty and splendor!

Sorry this is such a wall of text, but thank you for reading it if you got down here!
The cover I have in my mind is just that, in my mind. If it isn’t doable no problem! (The one thing I will say is I don’t want distinguishable features on people. I want the readers imagination to create the character from the descriptions I give!) I’m confident I’ll be happy with what you can come up with! Have fun with it!

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I think it looks great, but I’ll come up with a few things if you’d like some more options!

Yes, I’d like some options.
Thank you for your time and patience. :slight_smile: