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  Must use form! if my form is not fully used I won’t do your request

  Examples / Payments / Form

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  Any images you have that you may want to be incorporated can be uploaded through this forum when turning in your request form.:

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 ~ Que ~

  1. GingerlocksPDX (Finished) Click this link

  2. Misty_Nights (Finished) Click this link

  3. Ter_04 (Finished) Click this link

  4. KariRakitan (Finished) Click this link

 5. bluedaisygal (Finished) Click this link

 6. GracelynLowe (Finished) Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

 7. ltgriffin (Finished) Click this link

 8. nyctophiliac (Finished) Click this link


 ~ 10/17/2019~ Okay so I want to quickly say that my biggest pet peeves within forums is people copying and pasting the same crap throughout the forums. like the forms to request a book cover. It is just so lazy and to me disrespectfully just saying…

I’ve got a weird one, so feel free to reject it if you’d rather not handle it

  1. User name / Author name to be displayed: Kari Rakitan
  2. Book / Story title: Lewd Poems
  3. Genre: Humor/Poetry
  4. Summery / What’s the story about: Potty humor
  5. Main character(s) & Face claim(s): N/A
  6. Book/Story URL/Link:
  7. What are your ideas or what do you want: Maybe a toilet, maybe something else if you’re up for it.
  8. Any images you have that you may want to be incorporated: Surprise me!

Again, I know this one is really weird, so let me know if you would rather not and I can look elsewhere!

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Done, please review your cover in the QUE

Totally awesome, thanks!

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Hey there,

I haven’t actually begun publishing my book yet however I have begun writing it.

Its a story about a tunnel collapsing and a group of people getting trapped for a week in it. However it also includes a love story which in return improves the main characters behaviour. I know this is kind of a random request so feel free to say no but I’d love you to do it!

User name / author - Ishish2006
Book title - Trapped
Genre - Romance / dystopian
Summery - above
Colours / things - id love it to be quite bright but feel free to just make it however you like.

Thank you in advance, but feel free not to do it if it seems a little too weird!

you are very welcome

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Hi there,
I have to deny the request because you didn’t use the form I provided. Sorry.



Are you still creating free covers?

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  1. User name / Author name to be displayed: Bluedaisygal
  2. Book / Story title: Out of the Shadows
  3. Genre: New Adult Fantasy
  4. Summery / What’s the story about:
    Creatures of the night exist. Fact.
    For humans, vampires and monsters only exist in stories and horror movies, but for Lane Bolevsky - a Tutelar, born with the blood-duty to protect humanity from those that would harm them - they’re the bane of her life. At eighteen years old, she’s more concerned with passing her school exams and celebrating her six month anniversary with her innocent human boyfriend, but life has other plans. As the bodies start piling up, and even vampires become scared, studying is the last thing on her mind. Death is claiming the streets of her city. One murder at a time.
  5. Main character(s) & Face claim(s): Lane Bolevsky (I don’t know what Face claim is?)
  6. Book/Story URL/Link:
  7. What are your ideas or what do you want: A woman with long curly dark hair holding knives, surrounded in fire, or walking out of a fire? Maybe a tall man with dark hair in the background behind her?
  8. Any images you have that you may want to be incorporated: I don’t have any images. I’m the ultimate novice.
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Not sure if you are still doing covers.

1 User Name / Author name to be displayed: Gracelyn Lowe
2 Book / Story Title: Mirror Image
3 Genre: Adventure
4 Summery / What the story is about:
Emma Clark ends up in an unfamiliar place, it seems as though this new world is a mirror of hers. The only thing she remembers is the mirror. She thinks it’s her ticket out of here.
5 Main Characters and Face Claims: Emma Clark (Guessing what a face claim is) Dark brown hair, freckles and amber eyes.
6 Book/Story URL/Link: For some reason it is telling me I can’t attach a URL. I have up to chapter ten completed I just haven’t posted them.
7 What are your ideas of what you want: Something to do with a mirror, maybe an ominous vibe? (its a floor length mirror btw)
8 Any images you have that you may want to be incorporated: I don’t have any images, I haven’t thought much about a cover :P.

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Hey there,
I finished your request, take a look and let me know if there is anything you may want to change. Click on the link in the que to view your graphic.

So a face claim is like a celebrity or well known person you feel is similar to your character. some people just use celebs or models physical looks in their stories. If you have anyone in mind who resembles your character let me know, or just reply thanks so I know to get started.

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Thanks. I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head.

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Alrighty @GracelynLowe
Sorry I took so long, I had a few mixed ideas in my head for you and so I made you three covers to choose from. Please let me know which you enjoyed more of if there are any fixes I should get in for you! enjoy!
Let me know which you like better!

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I LOVE THEM!!! Sorry it took me so long to respond I was debating between the first and second, I ended up going with the first!