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closed for new requests again omg

Hello hello !
I’m free for a little while so I thought I’d get back into making covers.

IMPORTANT; I make my covers with free for commercial and / or personal use images and fonts. This means I won’t include celebrities / faceclaims on the cover, as well as images taken from pinterest, deviantart, etc.


+ Be patient. I have other priorities offline.

+ Thread hopping is fine as long as the other designer is okay with it. ( Thread hopping is requesting the same graphic at different threads, usually without waiting for either designer to accept / deny. )

+ Use my form when requesting.

+ Pick up covers within a week, or it will be taken down and turned into a premade.

+ Tell me if you will be using the cover or not. If you don’t want to use it, just tell me. I won’t be mad.

+ Story does not need to be posted, but it should be published soon ( in the next two or three months ).

+ Always give credit when the cover is in use. A simple statement in your story description saying “cover made by kimunkur” is the best way to do this. If you don’t credit me, I will take the cover back and you will no longer be welcome to use it !

Failure to abide by these rules will result in the rejection of your current and subsequent (if any) requests.

EXAMPLESI also make cover sets as well.



* = optional
By Ideas, I mean ideas to put on the cover, not your story idea / summary. This can include, but is not limited to, physical character description, a scenery, landscape, important objects, colours, motif, etc.

If you are requesting multiple covers, please put them in separate comments / replies.



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Title: Saving Hamlet
Author: S. Butler
Genre: Historical Fiction/Fantasy
Mood: Fantastical I like the vibe of your Guardians cover if that helps!
Ideas:was thinking a girl in a period dress, or a modern gown,with her head cut off (like this, not actually cut off),100):origin()/pre15/100d/th/pre/f/2017/032/7/4/book_cover_for_sale___the_wild_ones_by_massaiha-daxgzlk.jpg and a castle in the background, or an old book with light surrounding the book. Or a woman being sucked into a book? (Not sure how that would work haha)
Or maybe a vector skull, with blood dripping down into the text, or maybe a period dress as the main focus with the title inside of it, or a ship on the ocean, or an old looking book.
I do know I have the worst ideas, Im sorry in advance

Title: The Whys of Us
Subtitle*: n/a
Author: parker quinn
Genre: Romance, Short Story
Mood: dark, angsty
Ideas: okay i was thinking something simple and plain like your ‘sensory’ cover, with melancholic colors (gray, little red, maybe? up to you) and an outline of two people below it, like these or this or this—and the title can be connected to their bodies, or like two people far apart from each other as well
Pictures*: up above!
Other*: thank you so much x

i cannot explain how much i cackled at this :joy:
but definitely ACCEPTED !

will work on this tomorrow !

ACCEPTED (for now)

will definitely have a crack at this tomorrow !

thank you so much!

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Haha Hey you never know with horror stories.

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Girl you have made me as happy as a pumpkin (if pumpkins even have feelings but I am sure of it they do).

Title: The Wicked Wars
Author: Lesley Bowen
Genre: Fantasy
Mood: serious
Ideas: kind of what you did with Sapphire War.I want the backgrounds to be a darkish purple with a border kind of like what you did with the book cover, but in a lighter purple. Rather than a crown though I would wish for the replacement to be a snowflake. Everything else like where the title is placed and where the author’s name is placed should be included in the cover.
Other*: I love all your covers they’re so simple yet they have meaning. Whoever requested all those book covers from you is very lucky.


Title: A Tale Of Blood & Bone
Subtitle*: When Magic Meets Madness
Author: Megan Williams
Genre: Fantasy
Mood: Dark & Mysterious
Ideas: my mc is of African descent, she has long curly hair and dark brown eyes, but I’d like her to be dressed in medieval attire because she is a princess, I’d like a castle to be behind her and I’d like her to be holding fire in her hand if possible
picture one
picture two
Other*: Totally random but Daenerys deserved better facepalm

i won’t make it exactly like the sapphire war because i don’t like recreating covers, but i will try something. thank you for the kinds words !

i’m not entirely sure if i can get everything you want on it, but i’ll still give it a try !
i’m sure she did, but i don’t watch got so i can’t really comment :sweat_smile:

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omg it WAS everything before the series finale but it’s fine if you can’t incorporate everything

everything i know about got are from spoilers and memes about how bad the last season is hahah. and the starbucks coffee on set that wasn’t edited out


hello !
so i experimented with all your ideas, but the lady and castle, and skull one were the only ones that turned out nice, so here they are !!

drag individual covers into new tabs for full resolution

let me know which one you’ll be using (if any at all), and be sure to credit me in the story description if you are !

thanks for requesting ~


hey ! so i know i said i’d make your cover today, but there was a problem with my laptop charger so i couldn’t use my laptop.

but i’ll definitely have yours by tomorrow, if you’re willing to wait !

it’s fine omg no worries!! thank you so much :heart:

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They’re so cool! I’ll definitely use it. Do you mind if I use one for the cover and one as a banner in the story?

Thank you.

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ah, i’m sorry ! i prefer for one cover to be used as the main cover, and the one you’re not using i’ll just take it back as a premade for someone else !! and thanks for the follow omg hahaha


hey hey !
here’s your cover ! hopefully it’s what you were looking for ~

drag individual covers into new tabs for full resolution

let me know which version you’ll be using (if any at all). and be sure to credit me in the story description if you do decide to use it !!

thanks for requesting ~