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  • Ideas:
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  • Title: The Popularity Project
  • Subtitle: n/a
  • Author: Arika Lowe
  • Ideas: So, the two ideas that I have are very simple, and a big explanation of what I want isn’t needed, because they’re that simple (in my mind, anyways). Anyways, for the first idea, I’d like a simple cover of a couple kissing or hugging. And for my second idea, if you can’t find any couple pictures, a closeup of a girl would be just fine. Though, whichever idea you choose to do, i’d Like for the female model to be blonde.
  • Colors / Mood: light, happy colors, and the mood is pretty chill and happy
  • Images: so, I have some inspiration, but if you want me to find actual pictures that you can use, let me know:
  • Extra: my story isn’t posted yet, but i’m Working on the first chapter, so hopefully it’ll be up soon.


I’ll play around with your ideas and see what I can come up with :blush:


great! if you need a clearer idea and/or pictures, let me know!


I came up with a couple of options for you. Please let me know if you’ll use either of them. I hope you like them!


OOOH I LIKE THEM BOTH. i’ll be using the second one! thank you!


I’m glad you liked them! :grin:


Title: Off The Edge

Subtitle: None

Author: RavensOfOld

Ideas: I’d like the cover to be very similar to your cover “Magic Night”, except the story does not take place at night, but during the day. It is also not in an open ocean, but rather above a cliff’s edge. A boy standing at the edge (just like in Magic Night) would be great. I would also like to mention the cliff overlooks a landscape of trees (like a forest with a horizon)

Colors/Mood: The mood is a bit morbid, but the colors are not very dark, since the story takes place during the day. The book is also realistic fiction, so it doesn’t need to have the majestic aura of a fantasy cover. Since the book takes place during a hiking trip with lots of trees, green could possibly be a contributing color.

Extra: Please feel free to let your imagination run wild. There aren’t many things I have in mind for this cover, since the book is rather newly developed. Oh, and the book hasn’t been published yet, but will be within a week. Thank you!


I’ll give it a go. Any preferences for the style of font?


Title: My OC’s and Plots
•Author: Aleksander Sisco
•Ideas: Maybe a girl on the beach or something pretty like that :slight_smile:
•Colors / Mood: Light, happy
•Images: None
•Extra: Thanks


sub !


I definitely like Magic Night’s font or anything similar to that. Or maybe this one:

Either one will be fine (which ever one you choose). But again, these are just suggestions. Feel free to use a font similar to these that you think will match the cover. Thank you!


I’ll and see what I can come up with.


Title: Picture Me There
Subtitle: None
Author: TamKenzie
Ideas: a person standing near a tree, or a silhouette before a scenery would be fine
Colors/Mood: sad, dark but not too dark, sunset colors
Image: none
Extra: Have fun w it


This is what I came up with. Let me know if you’ll use either cover. I hope you like them!


I’ll try and see what I can do

  • Title: Mr. Perfect and the Terribly Awful Drug Addiction
  • **Subtitle:**Thin white lines took me to hell, but I’m the one who kicked open the gates
  • Author: N/A
  • Ideas: I’m thinking of a guy and like you see him struggling
  • Colors / Mood: Dark and dramatic with blues and greens
  • Images: N/A
  • **Extra:**My story is about a boy who is perfect that becomes addicted to drugs and it’s about his struggle with the addiction and the book itself is very dark and dank and hits on hard topics


Is your story posted?


Thank you! They look great! I’m not sure which one to use… I think I’ll use the first cover. Thank you again! :blush: