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I came up with a couple options for you. I hope you like them, please let me know if you’ll use either of them.




I’m glad you liked them :grin:


I will use it! Thank you so much! :smiley:


I’m using the second one first! (and I left a credit too) x
Thanks again


@aneonsky Hi there, my name is Shamsa.A and I’d like to request a cover for my story please.

Title: Rebel Of The Stars

Subtitle: ----

Author : Shamsa. A

Short summary : This is a tale of slaves and warriors against their Kings, a girl with vengeance on her mind and a deadly war among ancient beings of a forgotten time. Amid plots, magic, mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure. Death, betrayal and truth fill these pages and transport you into a world unlike any you have ever experienced

Ideas: 1) I like the cover of Magic Night so I’m thinking instead of a silhouette maybe a crown with ice? Cause it’s set in winter. 2) if you can not find a dark skinned girl in chains then a silhouette will do. 3.) A knight in amour with a sword 4.) Anything that you think will work!

Colours/ Mood: Dark colors, bold writing

Images: I don’t know how to place them on here…

Extra: Suprise me!


I love it thank you so much!! <3


Hey there,

This is another user’s graphics thread. If you would like to make your own cover shop you may do so, but advertising here is spam. I will have to delete your post. Please also note that sharing your email in the clubs in not permitted. You can make forms and as for requests within the thread.

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Hi, Do you do fanfic covers? or Celebrity covers? Just wanted to ask, thank you.


Hi, my story isn’t posted yet. I want a few more chapters completed as well as a cover ready before I even think about letting wattpad seeing it.
Of course, once it is up, I will dedicate the first chapter to you, link you in the bio as well as the first chapter, that is if you make the cover :wink:


@aneonsky Here is everything, including the images. Thank you in advance for your patience :smiley:

  • Title: Between
  • Subtitle: N/A
  • Author: @michellecables or Michelle Cab’les
  • Ideas: galaxy background with a couple in the front / 2 guys and 1 girl with the universe as a backdrop / a couple sitting next to a tree and the tree is on top of a moon or planet
  • Colors / Mood: I love blue, black, silver, and some light tones of pink. Serious mood with a hint of the impossible and a touch of a romance. (don’t know if that makes any sense)
  • Images: My current cover image
    Main character image
    Inspiration image
  • Extra: Super Quick Summary of the Book: Camille is getting ready to go to college, and is doing her best to take life one day at a time. Until one day she wakes up in an entirely different dimension. And soon thereafter, she is forced to make a choice between true love and the fate of Earth as she knows it.


Title: The Chef
Subtitle: none
Author: Kelsey Weise
Ideas: I’d like a city scape, of NYC or made a very clean, stainless steel restaurant kitchen, but really it’s up to you and whatever you think will look better
Colors/Mood: If you decide on the city scape I’d prefer it at night, but not too shadowy or anything, nothing too dark! If you decide on the kitchen, the same thing, nothing too dark or too much contrast but something light and fun
Images: none
Extra: The story isn’t posted yet but I have the first chapter written and ready to go within the next week
Thank you, even if you decide not to accept it! :slight_smile:


Your. Covers. Are. Awesome :laughing: And can you please tell me the name of the font for “The Distance Between Us”?

I might request in the future. My book is nowhere near ready for anything atm.


title: Withering Starlight

subtitle: The Realm of Gods

author: Kat Summers

ideas: something like your vermillion and silver cover would be awesome. my face claim is summer bishil if you would use her. I’d love something like this https://cdn79.picsart.com/192927481000202.jpg?r1024x1024 where maybe the girl looked like she was surrounded by stardust. if the cover would be in black and white but the stardust was violet that’d be cool. another idea would be to have a girls back facing in the forest of some kind

colors/mood: dark

images: http://lapalmemagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/summer6-1024x652.jpg http://hmhawkins.com/images/summer_bishil.jpg https://66.media.tumblr.com/16af713bed8d8e1b0bc264d5edbb6558/tumblr_op4eqqiDoY1vaa7r6o1_500.png

extra: thank you for considering!


@sponge_girl601 I tried finding good pictures for what you want but couldn’t find anything. I’m sorry but I’ll have to deny your request.

@sha_amztastic If you supply the pictures I can do fanfic covers :grin:

@just-A_potato Okay, I’ll give you cover a try and see what I can come up with.

@michellecables If you can give me a link to the images, that would be great.

@got_kelk Accepted! I’ll see what I can come up with :grinning:

@TheTigerWriter Thank you :blush: The font’s name is Asmara.

@astoundedstars Accepted! :grin:


thank you!


I hope you like it! Please let me know if you’ll use it.


I came up with a couple of options for you. I hope you like them and please let me know if you’ll use them :blush:


Okay wow I am literally obessed and will be using this!
I will hold up my end and give credit where it’s due.
Thank you so much!


Here is your cover. I hope you like it! Please let me know if you’ll use it :grin: