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  • Title: need me a freak like that

  • Subtitle: another book of imagines

  • Author: analphabet_

  • Ideas: something simple and maybe funny? i have no idea honestly. kind of colourful; anything you want- i dont mind

  • Colors / Mood: bright colours, fun mood (also kind of romantic)

  • Images: any cute guys smiling or laughing

  • Extra: this book will have cliche stuff in it as well as some “adult” content but its not gonna be as smutty as one may think.


Requesting A Cover :cherry_blossom:

Title: The Pastel Awards

Subtitle: For the love of writing

Author: Miss_Rajzman

Ideas: I don’t really have any ideas, to be honest, but I really like the drawing of the girl below so if you could add her to it somehow that would be great :blush:

Colours / Moods: All Pastel Colours especially pink :heartpulse:

Images: Picutre%20Layer
Extra: Thank you so much! I’m really excited to see what you can come up with :slight_smile: Also, I will be dedicating a chapter on the awards to give credit for the cover and help with the recognition of your cover shoppe :heartpulse:


@Allergic2Normal Sorry but your request is denied.

@analphabet Accepted! I don’t think I’ll be able to use the pics you sent me (too blurry) I hope that’s okay.

@Miss_rajzman Is it okay if I don’t use the drawing? I don’t feel comfortable using watermarked art from other people without their permition.


@aneonsky Hi, I was hoping you could do the cover of my upcoming wattpad story. I’ll start posting it in two weeks.

Title: A Well Kept Secret… Almost
Subtitle: none
Author: Mel Bastien
Ideas: I’m imagining a theater entrance in the background where the title could be on the sign as if it was the upcoming play and a young couple in the front. Or something like that
Mood: Romantic
Images: I’m not sure if the image will work but this could be the couple couple%201


thats totally fine, use anything you like :slight_smile:


That’s perfectly fine :heartpulse: I understand completely :slight_smile: Whatever picture you think looks best I’m happy with x



Book Cover Type: Manipulated

Book Title: Her First Lover

Book Subtitle: none

Author’s Name: Lavesh Gupta

Book’s Summary: A Girl (teenager in the story) was abducted at a young age and was mutilated. Later, she was found defenseless by her parents. The molestation had a deep impact on the girl, she misunderstood that the only way of showing love was sexually (main theme of the story) . Many incidents happened between her and her family (including some sexual ones.) . The innocent girl was found wicked at the end of the story. This thrills of mishappenings gallops through the whole story when in the last the father murders both his wife and her daughter (another main theme of the story) and then kill himself.

Genre: Mystery/Thriller + Romance (+ a bit of horror)

Theme/Mood/Color: Theme of the cover as I imagined would be both sexually enticing as well as thrilling. Mood is mysterious and dark (particularly sinful). Colors are red, black or dark forest green (+ any other color that you think would work).

Pictures + Cover Inspirations: Here are the links for a few pictures I collected, that could be the inspiration to you for this cover. By the way, these are just inspirations; the real magic is all yours!

Link 1: http://bit.ly/2NOwNWD

Link 2: http://bit.ly/2PGFwe1

Link 3: http://bit.ly/2LVlgD6

Link 4: http://bit.ly/2NhS1Pn

Link 5: http://bit.ly/2MOPP2G

Cover Ideas + My Speculations: I have a few ideas that I thought would work for my cover. Also, I have a few images that support my ideas.

Idea 1: A Teenage Girl Kissing a rose. Her lips would bright red and red being the dominant cover in the cover.

Idea 2: A family couple in the cover and a girl going away. Some dark theme used in this cover.

Idea 3: A girl in the cover and inside her body a blend of a sexually enticing scene like this. See, inside their bodies how a scene is blended. These are just my ideas but you are totally free to ignore my nonsense ideas and make what you like. After all, you’re the boss! J


Title: Guía para no ser un capullo
Subtitle: nothing
Author: Ona Lovegood

Ideas: The girl is redhead with many freckles and the boy is the quaterback, just in case you have an idea. I would like a character or a couple with some humor. I leave you some ideas and photos.**

Colors / Mood: It is a young novel with touches of humor, I would love something colorful or minimalist, and that highlight the letters more than the image


Extra: I am Spanish and I do not speak English very well, whatever you have left me let me know. I love your covers, kisses!

  • Title: Beautiful Art
  • Subtitle: a prose
  • Author: Ghazal Shaykh
  • Ideas: Anything to do with bright colours or paints.
  • Colors / Mood: Vibrant and colourful
  • Images: I can’t put up images yet neither links :tired_face:
  • Extra: I would appreciate your creativity and ideas on this and really really appreciate if you can make the text prominent and a bit bigger.

Thankyou so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@melbastien I tried playing around with some pictures but couldn’t get anything close to what you want so I’m going to have to deny your request, sorry.

@MrChashmish The form you used is not the one I ask for in this thread, and I don’t make manipulated covers, just simple ones. Your request is denied.

@OnaLG Accepted! Por cierto, yo hablo español así que si quieres poner más información o comunicarte conmigo puedes hacerlo en español.

@ghazalshaykh Could you give me some more concrete ideas? What type of images do you have in mind? Or you could PM the links to the pictures.



Guess I’ve reached a trusted level so i can post images. Hope you’ll get the idea looking at these?



Ok, so I did end up using one of the pictures you sent me. I hope you like it and please let me know if you’ll use it.


Ok I’ve got it :wink:


Her is your cover, I hope you like it! Please let me know if you’ll use it :grin:


Tu portada está lista! Espero te guste, y no olvides decirme si la usarás :blush:


I come up with a couple of options for you. I hope you like them and please let me know if you’ll use them.



  • Title: When Royalty Collides (#YIKES)

  • Subtitle: Because of course, when you put a bunch of politically powerful teenagers together there’s absolutely nothing that could go wrong…
    (not strictly necessary)

  • Author: ayzrules (Alicia)

  • Ideas: I would really like something on the brighter/lighter side! Like, girls in big poofy dresses running down a city street, or maybe something with a crown? The “(#YIKES)” part can also be set apart sort of, maybe with a font that has a colored background and the lettering inside the box background thing? OFC that’s definitely not required, lol.

  • Colors / Mood: Something light-hearted and bright/happy! Bright colors/pastels would be the best I think

  • Images: imgur.com/a/U6sX1S2 (these images really suit the vibe I’m going for, though you don’t HAVE to include them if you don’t want to!) https://www.pinterest.com/ayzrules/when-royalty-collides-yikes/ (for general vibe)

  • Extra: N/A Thank you so much! <3 And book hasn’t been posted yet, but will be as soon as I have a cover :smiley:


Ay genial, muchísimas gracias por la portada, me ha encsntado❤


omg i love it! this is def the one i’ll be using but i havent planned on publishing the book anytime soon since im working on another project rn. thanks a bunch xx