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Title: Love Me Knot

Subtitle: n/a

Author: cyberhoes

Ideas: so I really love the idea of the first cover example you have, and it kind of made me think of something! Like having a girl on the cover just standing there, but with her back facing us so we can’t see what she looks like? And then on her hand (preferably her pinkie), a red thread that’s severed half way? Maybe some stars and hearts around her or on the top of the cover? Anything would be great!

Colors / Mood: light, bright, full of hope

Images: don’t have any, but your examples are gorgeous!

Extra: my story is going to be posted once I get a cover!! .


Hello! I got a couple books, but I am debating on one cover so I will start with the other one (:

Title: The Luna Among Alphas
Author: Timmarica Spellman
Ideas: So… I kind of like the cover that I have but at the same time I am finding it not clear enough, or… not enough. Not sure. So you can base it off that idea, I don’t mind if you choose something different that you think would look better. Pretty much as long as their is a petite/pretty women (dark hair) and a wolf about 3X times her size. I hope that didn’t make it too complicated… if it is let me know and I will try to make less completed. I believe I did get my picture from Pixabay.
Link: https://wattpad.com/story/166636070
My book is posted, just waiting for a better cover (:

Thank you so much!


thank you so much! and will do!


@corvo-bianco Thanks for letting me know. I hope you find what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

@C200398 I’m going to try this :slight_smile:

@bashfulcreaturez accepted!

@cyberhoes I’m going to try and see if I can find images that work with your idea.

@Timmarica I’ll give your request a try and see if I can make it work.


I went with something very simple, I hope you like it. Please let me know if you’ll use it :slight_smile:


It ended up very pink :laughing:, I hope you like it. Please remember to let me know if you’ll use it.



  • **Title: Logan
  • **Subtitle: n/a
  • **Author: mksthoughts
  • **Ideas: n/a
  • **Colors / Mood:light colors, pinks, blues
  • Images:
  • **Extra: n/a


I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:


I’m not sure this is exactly what you wanted but I did my best. Please let me know if you’ll use it :blush:


Sorry but I can’t accept a request with no ideas.


I used the image you had and just changed things around a little, I hope that is okay. Please let me know if you’ll use it!

  • Title: You’ll Have To Excuse Me

  • Subtitle: none

  • Author: Ali Ruckstadter

  • Ideas: Either two teen boys in a car, just a car, or something about a teen boy smiling in a car. i would also love multiple colors in the font like you have in a lot of your premades

  • Colors / Mood: dark blue - darker for the night but not dark for the story

  • Images: Current cover:
    photo My Post 1_zpswxbjun1g.jpg

  • Extra: I just think my current cover is overcrowded and I don’t really like the font - but something sort of similar to this would be awesome!


  • Title: That Wicked Truce
  • Subtitle: n/a
  • Author: Meliha Sheikh
  • Ideas: The story is slightly paranormal-isque, with references to Javanese mythology. So my idea is grim and dark colors, if you can hop in a picture of a mythological creature known as “Toyol”, that would be cherry on top. But not much violent looking either, more like the covers of Infernal Devices (just throwing in an example, not that I them to look even close to each other)
  • Colors / Mood: Dark and eerie.
  • Images:


I couldn’t find a picture with the exact description you gave me, but I made this. I hope you’ll like it. Please let me know if you’ll be using it.


Sorry but I couldn’t find images that would work for you request. I have to deny.


I absolutely love it!! I’ll absolutely be using it and I’ll be sure to give credit. Thank you very much!!

  • Title: A Minute In Infinity
  • Subtitle: n/a
  • Author: Salem Keating
  • Ideas: Story is based around space, a dystopian future, and time travel with some romance sprinkled in. A lone person on a planet / planetscape? Or something similar to this perhaps? Also, feel free to follow your own creative desires.
  • Colors / Mood: Dark themes (blue/purple) with possible yellowish highlights? Mostly monochrome. Sharp Contrasts ( black & white + bright color) also works brilliant.
  • Images: (these are for ideas) One, Two, Three, Four
  • Extra: If you’re looking for images to represent the main character, he has brown hair and aged around 20-22 (but don’t worry so much about age so long as he doesn’t look 80 or 7 yanno). The story is currently unpublished but I have a prologue nearly ready and several following chapters being edited. If you’d like a summary, feel free to let me know!

Also you probably don’t remember me and that’s ok but I remember you from a while back and your work is superbly beautiful as always and thank you so much


Thank you so much! It definitely looks better, I will use for it now, the edits look great (:


Title: Realm Walker (It’s called Iridium right now, but I’m changing the name once I have a better cover)

Author: Crescent Jones

Ideas: This is a werewolf story, so, obviously the simplest thing you could do is just go with a moon or a wolf lol. My main character is a curly, red haired girl so maybe there could be one on the cover too?

Colors / Mood: This is a story about a werewolf who can see spirits, and it’s sort of dark, so the cover should reflect that. Maybe make it a little mystical-like, since the paranormal is involved? As far as colors and what not, I honestly have no opinion. I just suck at making covers myself and am eternally grateful for any help I can get.

Extra: Even if you don’t want to do it, thank you for taking the time to read my request!