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Title: Bleak Hearts
Subtitle: None
Author: Eli Cat
Ideas: I’m not exactly sure what I want :confused: but maybe if you could blend something modern with something old. (I will find pics of what I mean by that) I also love the fonts you used on Among The Graves and the first The Kingdom At Night ones. I do like the cover to The Time Traveller’s Wife and how the shoes are so maybe something like that. I also like the idea of it just being a collection of old photos.
Colors / Mood: Dark and mysterious, maybe winter themed as most of it is set in winter
Images: 1497f0764b28d45bb44af70d950574c9
Extra: Nothing with famous people in it and not clear faces, silhouettes are alright though if you go down that path. My story takes place in historical times and the present if that’s any help. Huge thanks

  • Title: Eachtra
  • Subtitle: N/A
  • Author: h. jackson
  • Ideas: Christmas roadtrip, college students going on a roadtrip over Christmas, winter roads and Christmas trees are big themes, holiday romance novella, cute college couple (no celebrity faces, please)
  • Colors / Mood: tumblr aesthetic, reds and greens (faded)
  • Images: It would be great if it could have a similar mood as the current cover:


Thank you!

Feel free to use any photos, I’m totally open to anything :grin:


Not a request, just here to say I liked looking at these! Cool process. Maybe for my third book you’ll be open again! :smile:


I agree. Her covers are really amazing!


@phoenixheartsss I’m sorry but your request is denied.

@SkyArnold I’m going to try and see what I can come up with.

@CatEliRuss Accepted!

@heyhannahj Accepted!

@oasis_soul I’m going to try and make this :slight_smile:

@Fairy_Maiden26 I’m sorry but denied


I had a hard time finding picture that fit your request, and ended up going for something very simple, I hope that is okay. Please let me know if you’ll use it!


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Thank you! I love it! Out of curiosity, could you try with the picture linked below? I’d just like to see how the two covers would compare, but if you can only make the one you posted, that is totally fine. Thank you!


Here you go:


Your covers are so pretty! (Just commenting because I’m sure I will be in need of your covers soon enough :laughing:)


Agreed! and yep I think I’ll be posting multiple times and be a regular here :stuck_out_tongue:


I came up with a couple of options for you, I hope you like them. And please let me know if you’ll use them :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you so much! I love them both! I am not sure which one I will use, but it will DEFINITELY be one of the two you made.

  • Title: The Secret’s Behind The Locket
  • Subtitle: N/A
  • **Author:**Rachel Williams
  • Ideas: It’s about a cursed necklace that she gets from her boyfriend. So I would like an antique looking necklace
  • Colors / Mood: Dark- Black, Dark Blue, Red or Purple
  • Images:
  • Extra: Have fun with it. The book is already published, its just in need of a captivating cover.


Thank you!


I ended up making a couple of covers. I hope you like them and don’t forget to let me know if you’ll use them.


I have a couple of options for you. I hope you like them and don’t forget to let me know if you’ll use them :smile:


I really like the first one! Definalty will be using :heart_eyes:


I’m glad you liked it! (I just checked out your profile and saw you’re a fellow hockey fan :blush:)