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Hello, I am making a variety of different covers. I make simple covers and moderately easy manipulated covers. I use photos that are claimed to be copyright free online on free photo websites or use photos I have taken myself. Please note I do not make covers with identifiable people on them as this adds more legal complications. See ‘Covers I have made’ below to look at the types of covers I make.

If you want to request a cover please fill out the form below.

  • The book that the cover is for does not have to be currently published.
  • I will not make any mature or explicit covers and I do not make covers with people, unless they are silhouettes.
  • If you want to show your thanks for your cover you can read/comment on my book, add my book to a reading list, or follow me. Feedback on my story really means a lot to me! Please do not offer votes.
  • All covers I make here may be featured in my cover art book. If I do include your cover I will include a link to your profile by the cover, so people who like the cover can see if they might want to read your book.

Any other text you want on the cover: (optional)
Brief summary:
Is there a certain title font style you want: (ex. cursive, handwritten, simple curved font)
Anything Else:

I will answer you as soon as possible after you submit the form to let you know if I can make your cover.

Covers I have made





The Art of Procrastination Cover_1

Kiss of Death1






Current Queue:

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@kjwhitbread Here is my first try at your cover. Let me know if you want any edits. I can use a different background photo if you do not like the current one.

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Title: Built Into The Asylum
Any other text you want on the cover: The light will clear the darkness
Author: FireGirl665
Genre: Horror
Brief summary: in 1995 Minx is a new asylum worker as she faces demons, ghost and ghouls and meets new friends on the way as her life is turned upside down
Is there a certain title font style you want: No
Mood: Dark and mysterious
Ideas: I have my current cover for my story
Built Into the Asylum one
Anything Else: Minx is native American with black hair, brown eyes and light brown skin

My entry.
Tittle: Through The Curse
Other Text: RomanceHolidayContest2020 (This would be smaller and would be cool if you add it below)
Author: Miss_Ananya
Genre: Romance, Christmas, Curse,
Brief Summary: Gwen usually hate the Christmas time. Because she lost her Grandmother and Mother doing a puttinh topper on the Christmas Tree tradition just within the two years in her childhood.
But now as grown woman, with her loved one Sam by side she decided to celebrated it again. But she’s still afraid of the curse her family is carrying.
Will she be able to get over curse? Or will she let Sam do the tradition?

Font Style: Simple Cursive.
Mood: Love, Christmas, decoration, Festive vibe
Idea: Pine trees, Christmas holly leaves, greenery
I guess that’s it.

Are there any specific ideas you have for what you want on the cover? Also, I will work on designing it as soon as I can, but it will probably be a few days before I have time to finish the cover.

Okay, you are second in the queue, so as soon as I finish the cover before you I will start on yours. I’m expecting to have it done by this weekend at the latest.

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Anything that is dark and mysterious, black and white is something I do like about covers but with a simple pop with the words or something like that is good for me. Simple but eye catching.

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Finished earlier than I thought! Let me know if you want any edits. I hope this is sort of like what you were looking for.

This is amazing!! Thank you!

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Hey, working on your cover right now. Do you want spaces between ‘RomanceHolidayContest2020’ or do you want it all with no spaces?

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I went ahead and made the cover with no spaces, but if you want me to add spaces in let me know. Also, let me know if you want any other edits to the cover. I can find a different picture if you don’t like the current one.

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No, I don’t want space between “RomanceHolidayContest2020.” Thank you so much! You’re amazing! I loved it. I am so satisfied with the cover.

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Title: Chaos Theory
Author: fanfictionHQ
Genre: fanfiction

Summary: A family of four isolating themselves to avoid the wrath of their parents, and an inevitable prophecy. The Hale Clan. Descendants of Death. Reapers of the Hallows.
Behind closed doors lies twisted, dark secrets that are better left untold.
But after one glance, Sirius Black can’t tear his eyes off of Arabella. And the prophecy is set in motion. Now Arabella must fight against the flow of destiny and overwhelming desire to change the future. But the future is certain.
Death is inevitable.

Font: If you can, could you use the lightning bolt font that is used for the Harry Potter series, otherwise, handwritten would be lovely.

Mood: it is war, so dark and sad, but the book is a romance, so with a little bit of light.

Ideas: The actress I’ve cast as my main character is Amber heard, and the fancast for Sirius Black is Ben Barnes. Otherwise, incorporation of the Deathly Hallows art would work. Possibly even a reaper.

Hello, I only use copyright free photos to prevent any possible complications with copyright laws. Unfortunately, I can’t find any with the actors you have chosen. I can still make you a cover without the actors if you want or feel free to go to another cover maker if you want the actors on the cover. Please just let me know what you decide so I know if you still want me to make you a cover or not.

You don’t have to use the actors. But if you could incorporate a grim reaper and possibly the Deathly Hallows symbol I would greatly appreciate it!

I also could not find a copyright free image of a grim reaper, but I took inspiration from what you said in the summary about secrets behind closed doors. Let me know if there are any edits you want.


Title: Blood Alpha
Any other text you want on the cover: (optional)
Author: PippaAce
Genre: Werewolf
Brief summary: Alyssa Bowers is the first female Alpha in over three centuries. She is not the Luna, she has no mate yet, she runs her pack of rogues the same way an male Alpha runs his pack. What happens when the world finds out about the first female Alpha and what happens when her mate thinks she will sit idly by and help him run his pack.
Is there a certain title font style you want: Not really, whatever fits the best really
Mood: Dark and gritty
Ideas: I would like a blood moon in there if possible but if that’s not possible, I’m okay with whatever you think is best.
Anything Else: Not really

I will see if I have time to start your cover today, but it will be done in a week at the latest.