-Free Covers- I create what you need! ~closed~

if all you need is a cover for your book, I will do my best to make your imagination come true.
Text me at any time.
You don’t have to follow me or read my stories. If you just write that the cover is created by me, then I’m fine.

Check out my Instagram page to see what designs of me look like. Also text me via Instagram, so I will see it directly.

I just want good stories to be seen. And if that goes with my covers, that’s all I wanted.

Use this as a template:
story name:
special colors:
special pattern / style:
what the story is about:
what should the cover express:

Hello, I’m needing a cover! Im getting ready to post my first ever chapter and am realizing I need a cover before I post anything. I am completely out of element when it comes to designs. I looked and your instagram page and loved your work!

Thank you~
Please fill out the template (up there)

Hi, so I want to change the cover of my book because I don’t think it fits at all. It’s a high fantasy novel with a hint of sci-fi and I have already written the first five chapters if you want to read. I checked your Instagram and really liked your work so can you please help me?

Hello, I’m already 12 chapters into my book but my cover right now is garbage, was hopping you could help me out. Love your style by the way. Please, take a look at my work and see if it’s worth your time :laughing:

Sure. But it is only paid through paypal. For more info about the guidelines check out the ig @artdays17

sure, I will take a look. But also please fill out the template (up there)

I hope so. Please fill out the template (up there)

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Story name: The Black Draconian
Author: Azora
Special colors: I want you to use dark tones, to go with the title
ideas: IDK but the genre is high fantasy with a hint of sci-fi, so maybe can you innovate and use your creative senses
special pattern: N/A
other: I am leaving a lot to your imagination but maybe the silhoute or shadow of a young boy, barely seven would be nice.
what the story is about: The story is about a young boy, who arrives in human society after being raised far removed from them by a dragon. It deals with his journey of learning modern magic and deciphering the intricate web of deception spun by evil to thwart their forces. This is a tale of the rise of a new hero and return of an extinct order, devoted to the light.
what should the cover express: I want it to convey a sense of adventure, of mystery, and a mystical foreboding. The reader should get a feeling that an epic magical journey is about to unfold in the coming pages, the journey detailing the rise of a new hero.

I am sorry for being so vague…I really don’t have a detailed sense of what my cover should be like. I hope this helps.

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story name: The Devil’s Disciple

author: Mai Harashi

special colors: Dark Blue Background

ideas: A goblet filled with gold coins, maybe? If you have a better idea you can use it.
For inspo:

special pattern: None

other: I haven’t published the book on Wattpad yet, but I have all the chapters ready.

what the story is about: Young Princess Ildra Farvin lives a life of leisure as the only child of the present King and Queen of Illyria. However, everything changes when she hears a late-night conversation that plots the ruin of her home. Determined to save her home, Ildra uses the artifact given to her by her angel: a map of the devils’ continent, to find the one who can make her stronger. But what is this life? No more good wine? No more rich delicacies? What, she has to fix poverty? No, why are you torturing her, Mr. Devil?

what should the cover express: The cover should give off a mystical feel

story name: KING
author: Kimberly Presley

special colors: Dark tones would be preferred. His eyes are a really deep blue. (If you wanted to use that color at all)

ideas: I really don’t have any. I made my current cover spur of the moment so I could publish. It’s a werewolf romance though.

special pattern: N/A

other: Things of significance to Kairo are his deep blue eyes, his 6ft 8 stature and his 380 lb muscular build. He’s intimidating. His wolf is also intimidating (although his wolves eyes are light brown) I’m honestly super easy to please.

what the story is about: My book is focused around Kairo King, a 34 year old English professor, and mateless werewolf. He is pretty set in his ways at his age and has lost all hope of finding a mate. He has been haunted by dreams of a beautiful blonde woman for the past few weeks. Then one rainy day those dreams become reality and he see’s this blonde girl in the hallway of his college and it’s his mate. Chaos ensues because he resists the bond and runs away and a bunch of stuff but yeah that’s the gist.

what should the cover express: I would like people to realize it’s a werewolf story. (Right now the only way you’d know is if you read the description). I want it to have a sad, desperate feel because Kairo himself is a troubled person.

Sorry that it’s not much to go on but whatever questions you may have I’d be happy to answer.

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The Black Draconian
I’m not really happy with it, but that’s what happened. I hope you like it. You don’t have to take it if you don’t like it. If you want to change something, just say it.

I will also try to fix it tomorrow. Sorry~


That’s it. I don’t think it’s really that sad, but I like it so much, maybe you too. I also think that it is simliar to your cover at the moment.

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OMG that’s so beautiful! :black_heart:

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Thank you. If you really want to use this, could I post it on my Instagram page? I will link your story.

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Absolutely go for it. I actually followed you on their through my writing profile as well.

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I will try it tomorrow. Sry~

Thank you!

Now I am interested in what would result if you fix it. Looking forward to it.
And thanks a lot for working on it. It means a lot to me.

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Hi, I need a cover, this one is a romance novel. Can the covers be used for paperback as well? First time publishing .